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Zumbolar (ザンボラー Zanborā)[1][2] is a Kaiju from the TV series Ultraman. Zumbolar appeared in episode 32.

Subtitle: Scorching Monster (灼熱怪獣 Shakunetsu Kaijū)



The monster designer of the Ultraman TV series, Tohl Narita, designed Zumbolar after a lion.



Zumbolar in Ultraman

Awakened by the destruction of his home by land devolvement, Zumbolar went on a destructive rampage out of rage. The Kaiju soon turned several sites into a blazing inferno, including the forest around him and a boiling river, until he was discovered by the Science Patrol while he was destroying a chemical plant.

While the fire at the plant was put out by the Science Patrol, Zumbolar vanishing into the forests. Once it became known that Zumbolar path of destruction was heading for Tokyo, the military was deployed to try to stop the walking inferno as well. Once Zumbolar was found again, the military and the Science Patrol attacked, but their weapons failed to do anything and only served to fuel Zumbolar's vengeful rage as the living inferno merely marched through their attacks using his heat.

Finally Ultraman stood up to face Zumbolar, cutting him off and toppling him down a hill. Zumbolar struck back using his heat bursts, but Ultraman managed to get the upper hand smashing Zumbolar’s head into the ground repeatedly. After a relatively short battle Ultraman finally put down Zumbolar, destroying the Kaiju with the Spacium Beam. The Endless Counterattack


  • Zumbolar is actually a modified Gavadon B suit.
  • Zumbolar's roar is a combination of modified roars from Godzilla, Gaira, and Gamera.
    • Zumbolar's roars were reused for the Go! Greenman Kaiju, Tsunozillas.
    • Zumbolar's roars were used for the Red Bull in the 1982 animated movie, The Last Unicorn.
    • Zumbolar's roars, apart from being reused on Tsunozillas and Red Bull, were also reused on SALXITO STUDIOS monster Rexito.
  • Suit-actor, Haruo Nakajima was originally asked to portray the Kaiju, but refused to do so due to the dimensions of the suit. Instead Zumbolar was portrayed by Kunio Suzuki.
  • Zumbolar is one of the monsters that makes up Belyudra's right horn group in Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie.

Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero

Powered Zumbolar

Zumbolar reappeared in the series, Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero as Powered Zumbolar (パワードザンボラー Pawādo Zanborā).

Much like his original appearance, Zumbolar was awakened by loggers invading his home and thus went on a destructive rampage setting whatever was in his sights on fire as he was heading for Seattle (seeing as the series takes place in the US.) Unlike his original counterpart, Zumbolar's heat was also used as an air-lance as most energy weapons (i.e. - Ultraman Powered's Mega Spacium Beam) vaporized upon impact of Zumbolar's body. Eventually he was confronted by Ultraman Powered. Realizing why Zumbolar was enraged, instead of fighting the Kaiju Ultraman Powered used his Willpower to cause the flames to die down, as a way of convincing the Kaiju to stop his rampage and go home. Zumbolar shockingly complies, as his flames die down in heat and he returns home. The Fires Beneath


  • Like all monsters in Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero Zumbolar's design was drastically changed, his horn is much bigger and his body is dark green with reddish-color rather than different shades of brown. His back texture is also more earth-like rather than being covered with spikes.

Ultraman Z

Although not physically appearing, Zumbolar is one of the hibernating monsters awakened when Genegarg crashed onto Earth. It was located in North America.


  • Zumbolar's location is a reference to how Powered Zumbolar appeared in America.




  • Height: 40 m
  • Weight: 20,000 t
  • Origin: Underground in Kamakura
Powers and Weapons
  • Combustion: Zumbolar can cause explosions of fire by making flashes from his back or using his own body heat.

Powered Zumbolar

Powered Zumbolar

  • Height: 64 m
  • Weight: 50,000 t
  • Origin: Near Seattle
Powers and Weapons
  • Heat Cyclone: Zumbolar's presence is able to create a sort of heat cyclone. The temperatures around his body can become even hotter than 600 degrees Celsius, enough to create massive forest fires and burn steel. Its also hot enough to bend light and energy attacks that are fired at him from directly above, through the cyclone.

Other Media

The Trials of Ultraman

Prior to his imprisonment and eventual escape from the Kaiju Vault, Zumbolar had spent a thousand years stalking Iceland's cold winter nights, having originally emerged in response to the negative energy created by early settlers chopping down most of the trees to make room for agriculture. When Ultraman fought Professor Nikaido's robotic Jirahs in Iceland, Zumbolar emerged to attack them both. Based on the information from the USP's archives, Kiki Fuji advised Ultraman to target the mecha Jirahs first, believing it was likely that such powerful human technology was what lured it out. After Ultraman removed Nikaido from his mecha and destroyed its power core, Zumbolar retreated back underground. Despite the hostility of the Zumbolar against them both, Nikaido remained firm in his belief that the USP created the kaiju problem and began moving the goalposts from them being mechanical to bio-engineered.



Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero



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