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Zolin (ゾリン Zorin) is an Alien Zetton who is in the disguise of a florist. He is secretly the leader of the Villain Guild and was behind all the mysterious attacks carried out by the alien terrorist group.


Ultraman Taiga

Zolin assumes the human identity of Sorin Seto (瀬戸 宗林 Seto Sōrin) and lives on Earth as a neighborhood association president and the president of the non-existent Zolin Corporation (ゾリンコーポレーション Zorin Kōporēshon). Requiem of the Wolves

Zolin had once come in contact with Volk, who had idolized Homare for his ability to fight off alien gangs and wanted to be like him.

Zolin acquired a Darebolic Monster Bomb from Alien Markind, and wanted to sell it off, but it was apparently stolen by someone during transportation. After getting information from Alien Fanton, Homare and Hiroyuki Kudo went to interrogate him, but he wouldn't give them a straight answer, so they had to leave. Zolin then sicced his henchmen on the thieves who stole his monster bomb, who turned out to be Volk and his gang. Requiem of the Wolves

Later on, Zolin hires an Alien Bado hitman named El-Ray to kill Sachiko Motomiya, who was developing a device called "CQ" that can distinguish humans from aliens through scanning, which Zolin saw this as a threat to him and his cronies. He gets Aribunta to target Eneclone facilities to take advantage of stock price fluctuations. Zolin reprimands El-Ray when he fails his mission due to Mystie's intervention. After El-Ray is defeated, Zolin is ratted out and arrested by External Affairs Division X for exploiting stock prices, sabotaging Eneclone and spreading false information. Sand Castle


Powers and Weapons
  • Human Disguise: Like others of his species, Zolin is able to disguise himself as a human.
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