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"So the acceptance of death and thirst for life is the core of human nature. Indeed, humans are fascinating."

―Zōffy, "Shin Ultraman"

Zōffy (ゾーフィ, Zōfi)[2] is a major character in, and the final antagonist of the 2022 film Shin Ultraman. He is a reinterpretation of the similarly named character from the 1966 TV series.



The misprinted information that this version of Zoffy is based on, published August 1967

Aside from being a counterpart of the original namesake, this Zōffy's role is far closer to Alien Zetton, the master of the monster Zetton from the final episode of the original series. This interpretation of the character is inspired by misinformation about Zoffy as a villain who controlled Zetton, after a company trying to publish an Ultra Monster Encyclopedia earlier than everyone else misprinted the description of Alien Zetton with an illustration and the name of Alien Zōffy (宇宙人ゾーフィ, Uchūjin Zōfi). Due to home media distribution not existing at the time, television re-runs not yet being as popular as they are now, and a general lack of sources that refuted it, this piece of misinformation was reproduced in various other publications throughout the late 1960s.[3][4]


Relating to the misinformation above, in the publication, his name in Katakana was mistakenly written as "ゾーフィ" instead of the official spelling "ゾフィー". This results in the vowel extension in the name being applied to the "o" instead of the "i".


This iteration of Zoffy's appearance draws inspiration from the illustration found in the previously mentioned publication and incorporates coloration cues from Tohl Narita's NEXT (ネクスト, Nekusuto), a humanoid figure he created between 1992 and 1995.[3] While not officially confirmed, the final design bears a resemblance to Narita's other sketches, particularly Ultraman Divine Change (ウルトラマン神変, Urutoraman Shinpen), a promotional poster he produced in 1989 at the request of Tsuburaya Productions for Ultraman: Towards the Future. However, for various reasons, this artwork was ultimately not utilized.[5]

The "Divine Change" uses the original Ultraman as a design basis, coloring the silver as gold, red as black and finally removing the Color Timer.

The 3DCG model used is altered from Ultraman's, based on a 3D scan of Bin Furuya's proportions. His body patterns combine the elements of his appearances from Ultraman and Ultraman Ace.

Zōffy's face was made through the 3D processing of Ultraman Jack's mask at the time of Return of Ultraman's production, including the imperfections on the mask. This results in him having asymmetrical eyes, and a lightly parted lower right mouth. The black crest fin on his head was restored from Zoffy's first ever live action appearance.[3]


Shin Ultraman

Zōffy was appointed by the Planet of Light as the second observer of the Planet Earth after Lipiah's several violations of the Code of the Planet of Light, most importantly the forbidden act of fusing with another life form which also proved that humans could be exploited by the rest of the multiverse due to their compatibility with the Beta System that could be used to weaponize them. Zōffy first appeared to observe the fight between Mefilas and Ultraman, causing the former to back off and flee the planet taking the Beta Box with him upon sighting Zōffy, knowing that the planet was already doomed.

"My name is Zōffy. Because you broke the Code of the Planet of Light, I am now the watcher of the indigenous creatures called humans on this planet. At the same time, I am their adjudicator. The humans of this planet will likely evolve in the same way as we have. Therefore, we have decided to dispose of them."

―Zōffy's introduction

Ultraman, using Shinji Kaminaga's visage, went back to the forest where Kaminaga's corpse was preserved and reflected on his actions. It was there that he encountered Zōffy, who had come to replace Lipiah for his violations of the Code of the planet. Zōffy voiced his disapproval and concerns for the path the humanity was now taking, while also stating that humans may one day take a similar path of evolution to the beings of the Planet of Light themselves and become a threat as a result. Zōffy stated that exterminating one of the 18 billion life forms recorded by the Planet of Light would not mean anything in the wider scope of things, and then unleashed the Ultimate Celestial Suppression Weapon, Zetton, to wipe out the whole solar system, activating its autonomous program to begin charging up a one-trillion degree fireball. However, Ultraman did not want to listen to Zōffy, fusing fully with the body of Kaminaga as he prepared to take on Zetton. Ultraman flew into space and shot at Zetton with everything that he had, but could not damage it in the slightest and was sent falling down into the sea. As he fell, Zōffy appeared to him again and told Ultraman to stop his futile resistance and wait for humanity's destruction.

Not long after, Akihisa Taki and the world's greatest minds managed to find a solution to defeating Zetton by using the data of the Beta System that Kaminaga left behind just before the fight with Zetton. Following through with the plan, Ultraman activated the Beta Capsule once more after transforming, opening up a sixth-dimensional wormhole that both Zetton and Ultraman fell into.

Having seen humanity's bravery, intellect, and vitality, Zōffy decided to spare them from extinction, and managed to find Ultraman in another dimension by tracing his strong will to live. He wanted to bring Ultraman back to the Planet of Light for him to face the consequences of his violations of their Code despite Ultraman's request to stay on Earth to defend humans from other threats. Being unable to even return to the Earth, Ultraman decided to give up his own life so that Shinji Kaminaga may live. Zōffy granted Ultraman's final request, separating him from the human using the Beta Capsule. Shin Ultraman


This iteration of Zoffy is more morally grey, seeing the loss of one intelligent life out of many being insignificant and not above resorting to eradicate an entire race just to ensure they won't become a future threat. Despite this, he's still well-intentioned at heart, willing to abort his plan to destroy Earth and hear Ultraman about why humanity is worth protecting, despite how they dangerously fell for Mefilas' manipulations, and why he decided to merge with the human Kaminaga in the first place.


Zoffy Shin Ultraman render



  • Flight: Zōffy is capable of performing an anti-gravity flight as his means of interstellar travel.


  • Zetton (ゼットン): A massive superweapon developed by the people of the Planet of Light for annihilation of a solar system. Zōffy brought it to destroy Earth after Mefilas shared the secret of the Beta System to the Japanese government, fearing that mankind as evolved giants will pose as potential threats to outer space.
  • Beta Capsule (ベーターカプセル, Bētā Kapuseru): The same type of transformation device which allows Ultraman to transform from Shinji Kaminaga. Zōffy's model allows him to undo the merger of Ultraman and his human host.


Movie Monster Series

  • Zōffy (Movie Monster Series, 2022)
    • Release Date: June 4, 2022
    • Price: 1,540 yen
    • Materials: PVC
Movie Monster Series Zōffy is a soft vinyl figure that is based on his appearance in the movie, and in turn, Tohl Narita's "Ultraman Divine Change" illustration. Unlike previous Ultra Hero Series figures, Zōffy features additional rotating legs, and he only stands 160mm tall while closely scales with the original Ultra Hero Series line.

  • Zōffy (Mega Movie Monster Series, 2022)
    • Release Date: June 18, 2022
    • Price: 3,080 yen
    • Materials: PVC
A larger version (while closely scales with the Ultra Big Sofubi) of the Movie Monster Series Zōffy is also available 14 days later.

Ultra Action Figure

  • Zōffy (2022)
    • Release Date: June 4, 2022
    • Price: 2,200 yen
    • Materials: PVC, ABS, POM
Ultra Action Figure Zōffy is a 15-cm action figure who is a redeco of the same line's Ultraman (Lipiah), and he features 17 points of articulation minus the commonly-used limited pivoting neck joint, complete with poseable 2+2 index-to-pinky fingers. He also features POM plastic pins for his elbow and knee joints.
Unlike the rest of the UAFs, and like the same line's Lipiah, Zōffy features fully painted details on his main body. Prior to its official reveal, Zōffy was previously leaked via several listings from Southeast Asian online stores.
Zōffy is also the only UAF figure in the Shin Ultraman movie to be a straight redeco instead of having a new head unlike later releases of the Lipiah mold. He is also the first UAF to feature the Bandai Namco logo.


  • Zōffy (Shin Ultraman) (2022)
    • Release Date: June 2022
    • Price: 5,500 yen
    • Materials: ABS, PVC
    • Accessories: 3 additional pairs of hands (open-palms, knife-chops, fists)
S.H.Figuarts Zōffy is a collectible action figure that stands 15cm tall as with the rest of the figures from the same line. Like the same line's Ultraman (Lipiah), he features no accessories.
Despite sharing a similar body construction with Lipiah, Zōffy features an expanded back-and-forth/tilting torso articulation and a new neck joint, allowing a more natural flight pose.


Metacolle Shin Zoffy
  • Zōffy (Shin Ultraman) (2022)
    • Release Date: May 25, 2022
    • Price: 1,320 yen
    • Materials: PVC, Die-cast
Manufactured by TakaraTomy, MetaColle Zōffy is a palm-sized figure that is molded in both PVC (lower torso and arms) and die-cast metal (body + head). He only features limited articulation on the arms and waist.
Despite what the photos depict, Zōffy's gold paint operations are shinier.

Mega Light Heroes



  • Zōffy (Shin Ultraman) (2024)
    • Release Date: February 2024
    • MAFEX Number: No.213
    • Price: 10,780 yen
    • JAN/ISBN: 4530956472133
    • Materials: PVC, ABS
    • Accessories: 5 pairs of hands, Zetton-holding right hand, Beta Capsule-holding right hand, Zetton (capsule state), Beta Capsule
Manufactered by Medicom toy, MAFEX Zōffy is a 160mm action figure that is similar but different to Bandai's S.H.Figuarts. Due to its height, Zōffy scales closely with the original Ultra Hero Series and the Ultra Monster Series line. Aside from his regular hand parts, Zōffy also comes with Zetton (in its capsule state) and a Beta Capsule, which can be wielded by their respective hand parts.


Shin Ultraman


  • This incarnation marks the second time Koichi Yamadera voiced Zōffy in a production of Ultraman Series under Hideaki Anno's involvement, the first one being The・Ultraman: Jackal vs. Ultraman in its 2015 animated short adaptation.
    • Given that Yamadera also voiced the narrator of Shin Ultra Fight, one of the jokes circulating around the fandom is that Zōffy was present in Ultraman's fights and acting as a commentator.
  • Shin Ultraman's first tagline was "Have you become so fond of humans, Ultraman?", is based on the original Zoffy's line in Farewell, Ultraman. This line is also quoted by the Shin iteration of Zōffy near the end of the movie.
  • His role as the user of Zetton is ironic, as the original Zoffy was intended to destroy the monster from the original draft of Ultraman's final episode, before it was replaced with SSSP doing so in his stead.
  • Zōffy's role in Shin Ultraman parallels Ultraman Justice in Ultraman Cosmos vs. Ultraman Justice: The Final Battle, in that both are Ultras who feared mankind as potential threats, their arrival being followed by a doomsday device and facing opposition in the form of another Ultra. The only difference is that while Justice side with Cosmos and together bringing down Giga Endra, Zōffy only begins to renew his faith in mankind after Ultraman sacrificed himself to bring down Zetton with him, as well as transferring his entire life force to the real Shinji Kaminaga.
  • His gold and black color scheme has been compared by fans to the Absolutians, which also led to Zōffy being jokingly identified as the fourth silhouetted Absolutian figure in the poster, especially after the end of Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad.


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