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"Who are you?"
"I am Space Ranger Zoffy, from Nebula M78.

―Zoffy introducing himself to Ultraman, Farewell, Ultraman

Zoffy (ゾフィー Zofī) is the commander of the Inter Galactic Defense Force, as well as the second member and leader of the Ultra Brothers. He first appeared in the final episode of the original Ultraman TV series, thus becoming the very second Ultra-being from Nebula M78 to go to Earth. Zoffy reappeared many times later, helping the other Ultra Brothers through various difficult situations.



Zoffy was initially created as a way for Ultraman to return back to the Land of Light after his defeat by Zetton. However, the producers also wanted a way for the SSSP to be the ones defeating Zetton in the end, and they had to accomplish all of this within a single episode's runtime, and thus Zoffy was introduced. Zoffy's debut also led to the mentioning of the Inter Galactic Defense Force, which was further developed in future entries of the franchise.[1]


Zoffy's name is derived from the German anglicization of the Greek name Σοφια (Sophia) (ソピアー Sopiā), which translates to "wisdom", and was originally written as (ゾフィ Zofi) in original scripts, which carried over to Ultraman Ace and Ultraman Taro. Despite that, the name (ゾフィー Zofī) could clearly be heard in the recordings, and that has been the character's name ever since, with the printed notation beginning to follow in suit.

Notoriously in the August 1967 Special Issue 30 Great Monsters March (1967年8月号 特集 30大怪獣大行進) published in the Bokura (ぼくら) magazine published by Kodansha, Zoffy's role was confused for Alien Zetton's, with the magazine stating that he controlled Zetton and was weak against the SSSP's Super Gun. His name was also written as Alien Zōffy (宇宙人ゾーフィ Uchūjin Zōfi), and the English translation was reportedly "Sourfy". This mistake is said to have happened because of an error on Tsuburaya Productions' part, as they were the ones who had given the materials to the magazine publishers, but the truth of the whole case has been lost to time. This misinformation would end up reused intentionally in Shin Ultraman, resulting in the creation of that movie's version of Zoffy.[1]


By the time the final episode of Ultraman was being produced, the show's budget was running dry. There was little time or money to design a new character other than Zetton, the feature monster of that episode, so the crew took Ultraman's A Type suit, which had been previously used by Imitation Ultraman, and was given a newly-crafted C Type mask. To differentiate him from the original Ultraman, more lines were added to Zoffy's body, and the protrusions on his chest and shoulders, the Star Marks and Ultra Breastars, were put on. Finally, the fin on his head was painted black. However, future production teams mistook the intentional black coloring for lighting effects and consequently, going forward from Zoffy's first reappearance in Ultraman Ace, the color of his fin is silver and has been that way ever since.[1]


Stoic and at times almost emotionless, Zoffy takes his job very seriously, as demonstrated when he threatened to use his authority to strip Ultraman Taro of his position for various offenses. Despite this, he is actually very kind and cares greatly about the welfare of his comrades.



A young Zoffy was present during Belial's first invasion of the Land of Light, where he tried protect Ken (young Father of Ultra) and Marie (young Mother of Ultra) from Belial by acting as a shield, but was quickly thrown aside by the Giga Battlenizer.

He later took part in the battle between Ultraman Noa and Dark Zagi. He fought along with members of the Inter Galactic Defense Force and successfully assisted the legendary hero in forcing the evil being away from the planet.


He was Ultraman's chief in the Inter Galactic Defense Force and upon his first appearance was referred to as "Commander" by the hero. When Ultraman became desperate in his tough fight against Zetton, Zoffy came to Earth to rescue him. While he arrived too late to help Ultraman battle Zetton or to let him fight it himself, as the Science Patrol destroyed Zetton before his arrival, he was able to save his subordinate's life by temporarily separating him from his human host, Shin Hayata, so he could be treated properly at their homeworld. Farewell, Ultraman

Return of Ultraman

Though never appearing, Zoffy was mentioned by Alien Bat along with the Ultra Brothers at the time. Off-screen, Bat and Zoffy had fought prior to Bat's arrival on Earth, as part of the Ultra Annihilation Project that had been occurring concurrently. Bat emerged victorious after leaving Zoffy in a state of serious injury. The 5 Ultra Oaths

Ultraman Ace

The Return of Zoffy

After Seiji Hokuto and Yuko Minami sacrificed their lives to stop the Terrible-Monster Verokron, Zoffy, the Ultra Brothers and their new member Ultraman Ace appeared to give them life and Ace was assigned to protect Earth. Shine! The Five Ultra Brothers

Zoffy soon assisted his brother-in-arms Ace when he used the Ultra Converter to restore his power, which was almost depleted when he was trapped underground by Giron Man. It's an arm bracelet that restores the power of the wearer with it as long as it's equipped, similar to a battery's function. Zoffy also helped him fight against Giron Man and the Terrible-Monster Aribunta. Giant Ant Terrible-Monster vs. Ultra Brothers

When Ace was unable to defeat Brocken, he and the other Ultra Brothers summoned an Ultra Sign to encourage him, which Ace was able to defeat the Terrible-Monster. Pursue the Mystery of the Transformation Terrible-Monster

Zoffy and the other Ultra Brothers journeyed to Planet Golgotha after being tricked by Yapool into following a false Ultra Sign. Though Ace was sent to Earth to fight Baraba just in time, Zoffy and the other four Ultra Brothers were captured and crucified by Ace Killer, who stole Zoffy's M87 Beam for use in combat, demonstrating his power by using the beam to blow Ace Robot to pieces. Fortunately, Ace arrived to save Zoffy and the others, but was nearly overpowered by the cyborg assassin. Zoffy contributed his energy alongside that of Ultraman, Seven and Jack to Ace's Space Q, enabling him to destroy Ace Killer once and for all. Execution! The Five Ultra Brothers The Five Stars that Scattered Throughout the Galaxy

When a TAC's plan to attack Yapool in his universe goes wrong, Zoffy brought Minami along so both Hokuto and Minami can unite to transform into Ace. Reversal! Zoffy Now Arrives

Zoffy came with the Ultra Brothers after they got an Ultra Sign from Ultraman Ace. When they arrived, they were shocked to see that Ace was turned into a jade statue. Suddenly Alien Hipporit appeared, and the Ultras prepared to fight. But Alien Hipporit trapped Ultraman and Zoffy in glass chambers, while Seven and Jack rolled away with Seven fighting alone. Ultraman Jack tried to release them and decided to use his Ultra Bracelet, but got trapped himself trapped leaving Seven alone until he got defeated, and trapped and they all became jade statues making TAC the only ones to save the Earth. But then the Father of Ultra appeared and battled Alien Hipporit and turned Ace back to normal. But the long journey made his Color Timer turned red so he ripped it off reviving Ace, and died. After Ace defeated Alien Hipporit, the Ultra Brothers were back to normal, and Ace revived them with a Color Timer. They took the Father of Ultra back to the Land of Light to revive him. Total Annihilation! The Five Ultra Brothers Miracle! The Father of Ultra

Ultraman Story

After taking the Father of Ultra back to M78 after the battle with Alien Hipporit and while Ultraman Taro fights Enmargo, Juda summons Grand King. The Ultras see it coming and lured it to another planet after failing to destroy it in space using their Ultra Beams. While the Ultra Brothers were completely decimated by Grand King, Father of Ultra awakens and says Taro is the only one able to defeat it.

The Mother of Ultra tells Taro this and he defeats Enmargo. He flies to the aid of his brothers. Then Mother of Ultra tells them they must channel their energy into Taro's horns. They do so and vanish, and Taro becomes a Super Ultra. He soon defeats the monster and Juda vanishes. Father of Ultra is recovered and they all have an inspirational conversation and Taro became a member of the Ultra Brothers. Ultraman Story

Ultraman Ace cont.

After TAC received reports of a boy being terrorized by a Terrible-Monster in his dreams, the reports were initially ignored due to a lack of credibility. However, Zoffy was aware that these events were true, and appeared to Seiji Hokuto to inform him about the culprit; Dreamgillas. In the midst of Ace's battle against Dreamgillas, Zoffy appeared once again to come to Ace's aid after the Terrible-Monster began to overpower him in the depths of the lake where the battle was taking place. Zoffy activated a device called the Ultra Magic Ray, completely evaporating the lake and leaving Dreamgillas weakened, giving Ace a crucial opening to regain the upper hand and defeat the beast. A Gift from Zoffy

Ultraman Taro

"There is an Earth saying, "Even lions will send their children to war""

―Zoffy as Professor Ohtani, 5 Seconds Before the Great Explosion of the Land of Ultra!

Zoffy as Professor Ohtani

Zoffy along with the Ultra Brothers brought Kotaro's body to Mother of Ultra after he was killed in a plane crash. They revived him and made him the human host of their new member Taro. Like the Sun, Mother of Ultra

When Ultraman Taro was killed by the monster Birdon, he returned Taro to the Land of Light and then fought Birdon himself. While he was capable of hurting the monster, Zoffy was eventually overpowered and killed but later was recovered by a revived Taro and returned to the Land of Light to be healed himself. Zoffy Died! Taro Died Too! The Mother of Ultra's Miracle of Love

As the Ultra Brothers met with Kotaro on Earth, Zoffy warned them about Alien Temperor as he was attacking Tokyo. Seiji, Go, and Kotaro wanted to fight Alien Temperor but Zoffy knew Temperor's plan was to turn Earth into a warzone of the Temperor aliens and the Ultra Brothers. So they let Ultraman Taro fight Temperor alone only for Taro to nearly die. Zoffy took the body of Professor Ohtani, a expert on aliens and helped ZAT, to make sure Taro wouldn't depend on the Ultra Brothers. However after a memorial was held for the ZAT members that "died", Kotaro meets the disguised Ultra Brothers after he runs out of ZAT base. Then Kitjama and Vice Captain (Ultraseven and Ultraman) tell Kotaro that they'd rather wait on the Ultra Brothers which angers Kotaro and he goes to fight Temperor. Then Zoffy as Ohtani finds out that Taro ran out of energy, he orders the Ultra Brothers to fight Temperor only for Ultraman Taro to kill Temperor with the Ultra Ball. However the fight wasn't over; Taro had only succeeded in killing the lead Temperor's subordinate, but the leader himself is still alive. 5 Seconds Before the Great Explosion of the Land of Ultra!

After Alien Temperor's first death, the Ultra Brothers all met in their original human forms to meet Kotaro, with Ace and Jack showing regret for not helping him. However, Kotaro becomes arrogant and cocky about killing Alien Temperor saying it was a piece of cake, and leaves to go back to ZAT Headquarters. The Ultra Brothers became disappointed at this, with Jack needing to stop Ace from yelling that he was going to punch Taro. Zoffy then breaks the news that Alien Temperor has revived and his ship is the source of his recovery. So the Ultra Brothers go into their ZAT human forms and launch a attack on Temperor with the ZAT attack planes. However Kotaro becomes very cocky and just uses a car to make Temperor dizzy and run away. Zoffy arranges a meeting with the Ultra Brothers and they agree if Kotaro is still cocky he may not be a Ultra Brother.

As Temperor's new plot works, he captures Kotaro in his tiny cape and is prepared to kill him. The Ultra Brothers as ZAT fire the Storium Ray from the plane, only for Temperor to not have a scratch and nearly kills Kotaro. As Kotaro is set free, Zoffy as Dr. Ohtani asks Kotaro if he has learned his lesson and Kotaro accepts and comes up with a plan to stop Temperor with teamwork. However this is stopped as the Ultra Brothers' human bodies are exposed by Temperor and must take cover. At first the Ultra Brothers (including Kotaro) disguise as volleyball players only for Temperor to instantly expose them. Kotaro however manages to let Kittari (the son of Dr. Ohanti) to use the Ultra Balls that were used to stop Temperor the first time again and this time all of the Ultra Brothers finally fight and managed to kill Temperor and his ship. The rest of the Ultra Brothers officially call Taro a Ultra Brother and wave him goodbye and Zoffy reminds Taro of teamwork. The Last Day of the Six Ultra Brothers!

He was also among the Ultra Brothers to fight Tyrant, but he was defeated. Go Beyond the Ultra Brothers!

Ultraman Leo

The evil alien Babarue managed to freeze Astra, Ultraman Leo's younger brother, and later made a disguise out of him. "Astra" flew to the Land of Light, and after being followed by the Ultra Brothers (Ultraman, Zoffy, Ultraman Jack, and Ultraman Ace), he manages to steal the Ultra Key. The Ultra-homeworld fell out of its orbit, and was heading towards Earth to crash. When he was going to escape, he was stopped by Ultraman, and the two had a short fight, but "Astra" escaped and flew to Earth. The other brothers raised Ultraman from the ground, and he said that it wasn't Babarue who stole the Ultra Key, but "Astra", the Ultras were shocked, and they all flew to Earth following him, not before informing Ultraseven that "Astra" took the Ultra Key. Dan Moroboshi told Gen Otori about what happened, Gen was shocked, and after "Astra" arrived on Earth, Dan tried to stop him using his Ultra powers, and the Ultra Brothers arrived on the scene. Gen stopped Dan, and the two started to fight, but the Ultra Brothers started to fight against "Astra'. Ultraman managed to hurt "Astra" and make him fall, but he raised up, and after Gen Otori and Moroboshi stopped fighting, he used his Ultra powers and made "Astra" weak, but Gen recovered and beat Moroboshi to unconsciousness, and he transformed into Ultraman Leo.

After a hard battle against the four Ultra Brothers, he raises "Astra", asks him what he did but "Astra" didn't answer anything, and tells the Ultras to stop, but they denied and told him that stealing the Ultra Key may make the Land of Light clash against Earth, destroying it. At that same moment, the Land of Light was close to Earth, and natural disasters started to occur, earthquakes and fissures were occurring. And the Ultra Brothers started to fight both Leo and "Astra". After a short battle, the Ultra Brothers had no choice but to use their Triple Ray against "Astra", and they fired them at him, but Leo protected him and took the damage. Leo fell to the ground completely hurt, "Astra" menaced the Ultra Brothers, and he was going to shoot a beam from the Ultra Key, but suddenly, a mighty thunder from the sky fired at "Astra", and he fell to the ground, and the Ultra Key broke into two pieces. And suddenly, Ultraman King appeared, and after saluting Zoffy, he told the Ultras to watch out for "Astra", and he fired his ray, and the fake Astra transformed back into Alien Babarue. The Ultras defeated Babarue, recovered the real Astra from his imprisonment, and Ultraman Leo and Astra became the first members from the Inter Galactic Defense Force that were not born in the Land of Light. Battle! The Leo Brothers vs. the Ultra Brothers! The Leo Brothers and the Ultra Brothers, Time of Victory

Pre-Andro Melos

Melos revealing his true face

Zoffy took the alias of Andro Melos after being thrown into a black hole by Ace Killer. He fought monsters and aliens on his own like all the other Ultra Warriors. After a while he is joined by Andro Mars in his battle against the monsters, then Ultraseven is seemingly killed, then Andro Wolf appears to Melos (Zoffy) and Mars begins to think that Wolf is Ultraseven, but are proven wrong when they find Ultraseven being held by the evil Juda (the main antagonist of the show). After destroying Juda, it is revealed that he was a robot, Zoffy reveals who he really is and how he survived the black hole. He was rescued by Ceasar, who sacrificed his life to save Zoffy and gave the Ultra his armor, but after freeing Seven, Zoffy returned the armor and goes back to the Land of Light with Seven, leaving Ceasar's son Benoit to replace him.

Andro Melos

At the start of the miniseries, Zoffy (who is unnamed by the narrator) gives Melos the Ultra Cross chest medal in recognition of his bravery. He is absent in the entire Andro Melos miniseries.

Ultraman Neos

Zoffy, along with Ultraseven 21 and Neos, arrived in another universe and appeared before Genki Kagura as he was floating in space. They explained to Genki that his planet, Earth, will enter a period of disorder as an effect of the Dark Matter. To save Genki, he ordered Ultraman Neos to bond with the boy as the young Ultra gave him the Estrellar. The Mysterious Dark Matter

Zoffy and Seven 21 appeared over the fallen Neos to revive him. At Seven 21's suggestion, Zoffy returned to the Land of Light to acquire enough Life Energy so that Neos could separate from Genki without leaving him to die. Zoffy agreed and do so, but warned that if Neos entered the battle again, both him and the host would die again. Warriors of Light, Forever

Ultraman Mebius & the Ultra Brothers

Zoffy to arrives.png

In the film when news was heard that the seal holding Yapool was about to break, Zoffy summoned the Ultra Sign to the 4 Ultra Brothers who remained inside their human hosts, and Mebius.

During the great battle against U-Killersaurus Neo, the Ultra Brothers and Ultraman Mebius were already running out of energy. However, suddenly two lights emerge from the darkness of the sky, and Commander Zoffy and Ultraman Taro appeared, descending from the sky. They gave their energy to the Ultras and they were prepared to fight against the mighty Terrible-Monster. During the battle, Taro is the first Ultra to use his signature move, the Strium Beam. After Mebius was trapped in the monster's claws, all the Ultra Brothers combined into one with Mebius, forming Mebius Infinity, and destroying U-Killersaurus and Yapool's reign of terror. They flew back to M78, bidding farewell to Mirai. Ultraman Mebius & the Ultra Brothers

Ultraman Mebius

Zoffy in episode 42

Zoffy appeared throughout Ultraman Mebius, appearing in episodes 15, 24, 42, and the final.

In a flashback of GUYS Captain Shingo Sakomizu, years ago during Ultraman's time he was assigned to the Izanami for test flights into FTL technology. During one of these flights he was attacked by a fleet of alien ships. All saucers were targeting him as Sakomizu ordered his friends on Inazami to hide underneath the shadow of Pluto. As several blasts were about to hit him, Zoffy appeared and rescued him by destroying the fleet. This incident made him realize how much the Ultras were actually doing for humanity without them ever knowing, and his testimonies upon his return were the reason GUYS was formed and maintained, despite a lack of supposed threats from aliens or monsters for twenty five years. An Old Friend's Visit

Zoffy to Taro.png

Zoffy appears in the final episode of the series, episode 50, being the last in line of the Ultramen guest stars (Besides Astra, who did not even make an appearance in the series except the last episode). Zoffy appears at the critical moment when Ultraman Mebius in Mebius Phoenix Brave was firing his Mebium-Knight Shoot at Alien Empera. Zoffy appeared to help by firing his signature attack, the M87 Beam through the final METEOR, the Spacium Redoublizer. Eventually after Alien Emperor is weakened sufficiently, Zoffy allows Mebius to go ahead and use his final attack in Mebius Phoenix Brave, the Mebium Phoenix, which finally puts down Alien Empera. Words from the Heart -Final Trilogy III-

Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Hikari Saga

Zoffy appears in the second and third part of this short three-part series exploring the backstory of Ultraman Hikari. He first appears to rescue Hikari when he was being beaten down by Bemstar, warning Hikari to stay on his guard, lest he lose his life again so soon after having been revived by Mother of Ultra. Together, the two Ultras defeat Bemstar, but a second one soon passes by, travelling towards Earth where it would eventually fight Mebius. Hikari wanted to give chase, but Zoffy mused that relying on and trusting your allies is part of the Inter Galactic Defense Force's numerous mantras.

Zoffy later appears with Father of Ultra and Mother of Ultra, and the three decorated Ultras decide to agree on Hikari's suggestion that he be deployed to Earth, formally inducting the new Ultra Brother into the ranks of the Inter Galactic Defense Force. Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Hikari Saga

Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Ghost Rebirth

Zoffy had a minor role in the special, appearing only briefly. Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Ghost Rebirth

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Zoffy first appeared with Mebius, Seven, and Ultraman to discuss the minus energy occurring at the time. He was seen after that defending the Land of Light with Ultraman and Seven from Belial. Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Ultraman Saga: Zero and Ultra Brothers Pop Out! Hyper Battle!

In this prequel to the film Ultraman Saga, Birdon is one of the many monsters revived by Alien Bat and Sphere. He is sent by Alien Bat to battle Ultraman Zero on a desolate planet. At first Birdon has the upper hand in battle after Zero was exhausted after battling Zetton, however Zoffy arrives with his Ultra Converter to assist Zero and both Ultras destroy Birdon with a combination of Zero's Twin Sword and Zoffy's M87 Beam. Ultraman Saga (film)

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy

Zoffy, Taro and Hikari hearing Ribut's report

Ultraman Ribut returned to the Inter Galactic Defense Force alone from Planet Mikarito, reporting to Zoffy, Ultraman Taro and Ultraman Hikari that Ultraman Max had been infected with Gudis' cells and was being turned into a monster to feed Maga-Orochi's egg. Shortly after, Yullian, Sora and Ultraman 80 also arrived, and reported to him that a Leugocyte had attacked them at Planet Kanon. Zoffy asks Hikari to make a Gudis antidote within three days so that they can save Ultraman Max. After the antidote was completed, Zoffy sent out an Ultra Sign to the Ultras at Planet Feed where Leugocyte was, to inform that that the mission to rescue Max and terminate Maga-Orochi had begun. After everyone had finished their battles, they reported back to Zoffy. The Appearance

Ultraman Ginga

Prior to the Ultraman Ginga TV series, Zoffy participated in the Dark Spark War but this time he fought not only alongside with the Ultra Brothers but, with the other Ultras seen so far and their allies against the forces of evil. While in the midst of battle, Dark Lugiel appeared and turned every Ultra alongside their allies, monsters and aliens into Spark Dolls. Zoffy was seen among his brothers, trying to protect Taro from the Dark Spark's curse. Just as the war about to end, an unknown warrior appeared faced Dark Lugiel but like the others he was also turned into a Spark Doll but he was kept within his Ginga Spark and fell alongside other Spark Dolls. It is assumed that like all other Spark Dolls, Zoffy fell to Earth. At the end of the series he returned home with the other Spark Dolls after Lugiel's defeat.

Ultraman Ginga S

As mentioned by Taro, Zoffy was among the five senior members of Ultra Brothers that donated him their powers as a sign of support. Thanks to this, Taro changed himself into the Strium Brace for Hikaru Raido/Ultraman Ginga to assume Ginga Strium. His power was seen used, among them were M87 Beam against Fire Golza and Z-Ray against Vict Lugiel (a revived Dark Lugiel). It is presumed that his powers were returned back after Taro's job on Earth is done.

Ultraman Orb

In ancient times, Princess Tamayura was kidnapped and held in captivity by Maga-Orochi. Zoffy appeared and saved her from the Great Lord Monster and put Maga-Orochi to sleep with his Ultra Fusion Card. Since then, Maga-Orochi is sealed and guarded by Princess Tamayura for many centuries.


In present times, after Jugglus Juggler obtained all 6 King Demon Beasts' Kaiju Cards and Belial's Ultra Fusion Card, he uses all 6 Kaiju Cards to release the Maga-Orochi's pod and used Belial's card to destroy Zoffy's card, awakening the monster. Later, Zoffy and Belial's cards were used together by Gai to transform into Ultraman Orb Thunder Breastar. The Dark King's Blessing

Orb did manifest Zoffy, along with the Ultra Warriors in the real world via his Ultra Fusion Card to help Orb finish off the Ultimate Lord Monster, Magatano-Orochi, by firing his M87 Beam. The Wandering Sun

Ultra Fight Orb

17759966 1605356016158921 623620196676815389 n.jpg

Zoffy, along with Seven and Jack, reappeared in this miniseries.

Zoffy first appeared in the episode 2, talking with Jack and Seven about a possible new menace of the Rayonix. Finally the three Ultras left the Land Of Light.

In the episode 4, Zoffy arrived on Planet Yomi with the other Ultras and took on Birdon. Zoffy fought against his old enemy, displaying remarkable talent and skill in the fight. After taking a stream of Birdon's fire, he hurled the beast a distance and ended it with the M87 Beam.

Later Zoffy, Jack, Seven and Zero reunited with Orb on the moon where the latter fought against Reibatos, to talk about the plan of their new enemy. Zoffy and Jack realized that Reibatos' goal was to go to Monster Graveyard to retrieve the Giga Battlenizer and resurrect an army of 100 monsters. For this reason Zoffy gave orders to move quickly to counter the plan.

While Seven and Zero trained Orb, he quickly hurried to the Monster Graveyard, along with Jack to stop Reibatos' plan. They soon arrived at their destination where they were confronted by the chimera Kaiju Tyrant, which was summoned by Reibatos to stop them from interfering. Both Ultras were overwhelmed by Tyrant's strength, leaving them vulnerable. Seven, Zero and Orb, now in his Emerium Slugger form, arrived soon after and defeated Tyrant. As Orb went to take on Reibatos, Zoffy remained behind and watched from afar.

After Reibatos' presumed death, Zoffy and the other Ultras returned to the Land of Light where they thanked Orb for his help. Zoffy even offered Orb Star Marks for his bravery in battle. Orb turned down the offer and left to continue traveling. Ultra Fight Orb

Ultraman Geed

Zoffy was among the Ultra Warriors who fought against Belial and his army in the Omega Armageddon. However, Zoffy could only gaze at their failures as Belial succeeded in triggering the Crisis Impact before Ultraman King sacrificed his life to undo the damages Belial had caused.

Ultraman Geed The Movie: Connect the Wishes!

Zoffy appears in this movie, contacting Ultimate Force Zero to investigate the Galactron appearing throughout space via an Ultra Sign. Ultraman Geed The Movie: Connect the Wishes!

Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes


The Six Ultra Brothers had Katsumi Minato and Isami Minato in their Ultra forms transported to the Inter Galactic Defense Force Headquarters in the Land of Light, without them knowing what was going on. Taro welcomed them to the Land of Light. Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy cont.

The Six Ultra Brothers face off against Juda and Mold

The Six Ultra Brothers encounter Juda and Mold on Satellite Golgotha, surprised by their appearance due to them being sealed by Ultramen Ginga, Victory and X in the past, before coming to reason that they were counterparts brought from a different point in time. The Ultra Brothers engaged them in combat and eventually destroyed them using the Cosmo Miracle Beam. However, they were soon faced by Ultraman Belial and Ultraman Tregear in their Early Style forms, and were defeated due to exhaustion from using the prior technique, as well as their enemies receiving the Absolutian power. Fortunately, Ultraman Zero arrived to stall them, but Absolute Tartarus blasted him aside, with the Ultra Brothers helping him up.

They went back to the Inter Galactic Defense Force headquarters to discuss the situation and speculated that Absolute Tartarus' activities have created Parallel Isotopes of Belial and Tregear. Because of Zero's ability to travel through dimensions, the Inter Galactic Defense Force decided to send him out to deal with the situation. The Divergence

Zoffy and Andro Melos met up once again when the latter went to the Land of Light after he and Ribut helped the Tri-Squad fight against Zett and his Zetton Army. The Appearance

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad

Arriving on Planet King, Zoffy and Taro were granted the help of the Leo Brothers by King himself, before they went back to the Land of Light.

After the rescue team had managed to secure Yullian and Ultraman Regulos from their imprisonment, they were sent to Planet Blizzard where a large gathering of Ultras were awaiting, just as the Absolutians pursued them. Belial fought against Zoffy, Geed and Z, with the latter two using their Z Risers to transform into Galaxy Rising and Delta Rise Claw. Zoffy then left the battle to the other two Ultras as he joined Mebius and the Ultra Brothers to fuse into Mebius Infinity, who disposed of the Absolutian reinforcements and closed the portal they came through before they defused into their components.

At the climax of the battle, Tartarus was overwhelmed by Zero with his new abilities. He decided to unleash his Absolute Maximum Destruction on the planet, but it was blocked by a barrier from Ultraman King, creating a wormhole from the impact. Ultraman Ribut created his own barrier to protect the other Ultras present, but he and Tartarus fell through the wormhole and into Ultraman Trigger's universe as a result.

Following the climactic battle on Planet Blizzard, King met with Ken, Marie, Zoffy and Yullian in his cave to discuss the outcome of the battle, preparing for the arrival of the Absolutians' lord. Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad


The・Ultraman: Jackal vs. Ultraman

A survivor from Demon King Jackal's attack on the Ultra Brothers, Zoffy was about to surrender when humanity's lives were at stake until Melos appeared and eliminated the army. During the Ultra Army's war against Alien Jackal's army, Zoffy donned Melos' armor after he was decommissioned due to being weakened when Jackal faked his defeat. Soon, he removes himself from the armor and called upon the revived Ultra Brothers to defeat Jackal, ending his threat. The・Ultraman: Jackal vs. Ultraman

The 6 Ultra Brothers vs. The Monster Army

Zoffy appeared in the Thai film The 6 Ultra Brothers vs. The Monster Army.

After Piko was killed by some robbers, Mother of Ultra took him to the Land of Light to revive him. During the resurrection process, the Ultra Brothers were present, and using their energies, they transformed Piko into the monkey god, Hanuman.

Much later, a Thai base was trying to launch some missiles to the sky, because it would stop the worldwide drought, and cause rain. A missile was shot, it exploded in the sky, and it caused rain, as expected, but as the second missile was shot, it had a problem, and after failing to blast off, it blew up. This caused a chain reaction with the other missiles, causing an apocalyptical event, and five monsters (Gomora, Tyrant, Dustpan, Astromons and Dorobon) rose from the Earth, and started causing chaos. Hanuman appeared to fight the monsters, but after receiving too much damage from them, the Ultra Brothers suddenly appeared from the sky, and they all start to fight the monsters. After they were all defeated, Gomora, who was unconscious, wakes up, and after climbing a mountain, releases a rainbow beam, that caused catastrophic natural disasters. Ultraman and Hanuman were trying to stop him, but the beam was too powerful, and they couldn't get close. Suddenly the other Brothers arrive, and managed to interrupt Gomora's beam. After Gomora was defeated, peace was reigning again, and Hanuman said goodbye to the Ultra Brothers who flew back to the Land of Light. The 6 Ultra Brothers vs. The Monster Army

Shin Ultraman

Main article: Zoffy (Shin Ultraman)



Body Features

  • Color Timer (カラータイマー Karā Taimā): A standard Color Timer.
  • Star Marks (スターマーク Sutā Māku): The pair of six protrusions on his chest are medals of honor that celebrate great achievements. Zoffy gained them for military service against Ultraman Belial's monster army.
  • Ultra Breastar (ウルトラブレスター Urutora Buresutā): The protrusions on his shoulders that indicate his status as the commander of the Inter Galactic Defense Force.

Human Hosts

Zoffy rarely if ever takes on a human host or form. Much like Ultraseven, he's shown the ability to do both. In Ultraman Taro, he temporarily took the form of Professor Ohtani and an unnamed volleyball player. Then at the end of the series Ultraman Mebius, he partners himself with Shingo Sakomizu who was trapped inside a burning GUYS HQ, however he only fused with Shingo to confront the threat from Alien Empera.


Zoffy transforms via using willpower.


  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 10
  • Maximum Running Speed: 650 km/h
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: 300 knots
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 5
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 450 m
  • Arm Strength: 160,000 t
  • Grip Strength: 65,000 t
  • Punching Power: 15,000 t
  • Kicking Power: 50,000 t or more
  • Ultra Sign (ウルトラサイン Urutora Sain): Like other Ultras, Zoffy is capable of creating an Ultra Sign.
  • Travel Sphere: Zoffy can encase himself in a red energy sphere, this is used for long distance travels through space.
  • Twinkle Way (トゥインクルウェイ Tuinkuru Uei): A road of light that transports objects in space. Used to transport the body of Ultraman Taro, who had been killed by Birdon.
  • Teleportation (テレポーテーション Terepōtēshon): Zoffy once teleported Yuko Minami to the dimension to which Seiji Hokuto had been taken, allowing the two to form Ultraman Ace, so that Ace was able to fight Yapool.
  • Ultra Charge (ウルトラチャージ Urutora Chāji): Zoffy can transfer his energy to another Ultra, either to charge up their attacks or give them power.
  • M87 Beam (M87光線 Emu Hachi-jū Nana Kōsen): Zoffy's signature Ultra Beam, shot with his right arm extended. It is said to be the most powerful finisher out of the Ultra Brothers.
    • M87 Beam B (M87光線Bビー Emu Hachi-jū Nana Kōsen Bī): Zoffy's "L" style version of the M87 Beam. Can destroy monsters in one shot.
  • Z Beam (Z光線 Zetto Kōsen): Zoffy can fire a lightning beam from his fingertips. Very powerful, and will electrocute foes on impact.
  • Zoffy Slash (ゾフィースラッシュ Zofī Surasshu): Zoffy's version of the Ultra-Slash, identical to Ultraman's, which can slice through monsters with ease.
  • Ultra Frost (ウルトラフロスト Urutora Furosuto): Zoffy charges his hands with a bow of light, then emits a mist from his clasped hands that can freeze monsters. Used to preserve Taro's body to take back home so he could be revived.
  • Spacium Beam (スペシウム光線 Supeshiumu Kōsen): Zoffy can fire the standard "+"-style Ultra Beam. Used in the Ultra Star Shine OVA and Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Like Ultraman, Zoffy is able to jump to great heights.
  • Zoffy Chop (ゾフィーチョップ Zofī Choppu): A chop that dishes out a great deal of damage.
  • Zoffy Kick (ゾフィーキック Zofī Kikku): A general term for Zoffy's kicks. Used a flying kick against Grand King and a bicyle kick against Belial.
  • Ultra Cross Guard (ウルトラクロスガード Urutora Kurosu Gādo): Crossed arms that block attacks, used in Ultraman ZOFFY: Ultra Warriors vs. the Giant Monster Army.
  • Double Attack (ダブル攻撃 Daburu Kōgeki): A combination technique with Zoffy against Aribunta and Giron Man. Ace holding Giron Man while Zoffy holding Aribunta before they rushed at a tremendous speed and struck the enemies' heads, killing them.
  • 6 Brothers Lifter (6兄弟リフター 6 Kyōdai Rifutā): Used by six Ultra Brothers against Alien Temperor by throwing him into the air together in Ultraman Taro episode 34. They lift the opponent and throw it into the air while rotating.
  • Grand Spark (グランドスパーク Gurando Supāku): A combination of his M87 Beam B and Ace, Seven, Jack, and Ultraman's signature rays to create a large beam.
  • Red Light (レッドライト Reddo Raito): Zoffy performs the Body Windmill with Ultraseven and Ultraman. All three join hands to creat a red beam. Used to slow down Beatstar's planet ship.
Other Media
  • M87 Light Sword (M87光剣 Emu Hachi-jū Nana Kōken): A sword created the same stance as the M87 Beam, it is the beam in sword form. Used in the Battle of Zoffy manga.
  • Plasma Emission (プラズマ発光 Purazuma Hakkō): A charge while the energy is covered in plasma energy. Used while wielding a big sword. Used in the Battle of Zoffy manga.
  • Ultra Big (ウルトラビッグ Urutora Biggu): Zoffy become larger than his usual height. Used in the Battle of Zoffy manga.
  • Ultra Brothers' Techniques: As shown in the Battle of Zoffy manga, Zoffy can use the abilities of the other Ultra Brothers, including Ultraman's Ultra-Attack Ray, Jack's Fog Ray, Ace's Ultra Guillotine, and Taro's Strium Ray.
  • Freezer Ray (フリーザー光線 Furīzā Kōsen): Stronger than the Ultra Freezer and used as a beam. Used in the Battle of Zoffy manga.
    • Freezer Ball (フリーザーボール Furīzā Bōru): A ball made using the Ultra Freezer, it is kicked towards the monster. The target is frozen and shatters upon impact. Used in the Battle of Zoffy manga.
  • Rainbow Ray (レインボー光線 Reinbō Kōsen): Zoffy shoots a ray at seven different targets, switching their appearances. Used in the Battle of Zoffy manga.
  • Beta Capsule (ベーターカプセル Bētā Kapuseru): Similar to Ultraman's, Zoffy used this device to separate Shin Hayata and Ultraman after their defeat at the hands of Zetton so that the latter could receive medical attention back home.
  • Ultra Converter (ウルトラコンバーター Urutora Konbātā): Given to Ultraman Ace to restore his power, which was almost depleted when he was trapped underground by Giron Man. It is an arm bracelet that restores the power of the being equipped with it as long as it's equipped.
  • Ultra Magic Ray (ウルトラマジックレイ Urutora Majikku Rei): Used to make water evaporate. It first appeared in episode 35 of Ultraman Ace when Ace had a hard fight with Dreamgillas in water.

Within external media, Zoffy wore two different Cosmo Tectors (コスモテクター Kosumo Tekuta) from different Andro Super Warriors. The very first one would be Melos' model in the 1975 manga The・Ultraman: Jackal vs. Ultraman (which later on adapted into anime) and Cesar's armor during the conflict against Gua Army.

Melos' Cosmo Tector

Melos Armor

After Melos was weakened by Jackal, Zoffy borrowed his armor and fought Jackal, along with the revived Ultra Brothers.

  • M87 Beam (M87光線 Emu Hachi-jū Nana Kōsen): One of Zoffy's finisher beams, shot with his left/right hand and other arm extended. It's said to be the most powerful beam in the universe.

Andro Melos

Zoffy wearing the Cosmo Tector

Main article: Andro Melos (character)

After being thrown in a black hole by Ace Killer, he was rescued by a patrol man of the Andro System, named Cesar. At the expense of his own life to save the Ultra from the black hole, Cesar gave Zoffy his armor but after freeing Seven, Zoffy returns the Cosmo Tector and went back to the Land of Light with Seven, leaving Cesar's son Benoit (ブノワ Bunowa) to replace him. In Ultraman Festival 2017, Zoffy can call upon the Cosmo Tector once again in a similar manner to Ultraman Hikari donning the Arb Gear.

Ultra Killer

Ultra Killer (left) as depicted in Gaia Saver.

Ultra Killer (ウルトラキラー Urutora Kirā) is the form taken by Zoffy upon being brainwashed by being bathed in darkness in Gaia Saver. In contrast to Gundam Killer (Amuro Ray) and Rider Killer (Hayato Ichimonji/Kamen Rider 2), there was no proper explanation over who was responsible for Zoffy's brainwashing, although he reverted to normal upon defeat.

Ultra Killer is known to resemble Ace Killer in certain aspects of his armors in addition to his distinctively blue skin.

Suit Gallery

Other Media

Ultraman Retsuden

During Ultra Zero Fight Part 2, during the weeks after Belial took over Zero's body, until he was expelled, Zoffy was the host of Retsuden in Zero's place.


  • When Zoffy appeared in the first episode of Ultraman Ace, his suit was recycled from an Ultraman Jack suit, which was repainted and had his medals added on.
  • In Ultraman Taro, Zoffy usually shouts his attack before using it like Ultraman Taro. This was because Saburo Shinoda was also his voice actor at that time.
  • The scene in the Ultraman Taro episode "Zoffy Died! Taro Died Too!" where Birdon sets Zoffy's head on fire seemed like an accident to audiences, but it was actually intentional.
    • Also, this scene was made into several memes in Japan, even to the point they named him as Mister Fire Head.
    • The ULTRA-ACT of his even features a fire prop to reenact this scene.
  • According to his theme song, he is stated to be Ultra Brother #1 of the Ultra Brothers. This is referencing him as the leader as well as the most powerful member of the Ultra Brothers.
  • Zoffy, in Neos, is the first Ultra Warrior to have his actor portrayed for both vocal and in-suit.
  • Zoffy was meant to appear in Ultraman Max as Max's superior and save him from Zetton. However, this decision has been changed and Xenon replaced him.
    • This is because Xenon was meant to be Zoffy until Tsuburaya Productions decided to introduce a new Ultra Warrior instead.
  • Zoffy's grunts are the same as Ultraman's in his debut. However, they were later changed to a lower pitch.
  • Zoffy is portrayed as a countryside farmer in the OVA, Ultraman Graffiti.
  • Zoffy's intro theme in episode 33 of Ultraman Taro, is a reused track from Ultraseven, titled Invaders' Advance Guard. It's also used in episode 5 of Ultraman Ace.
  • From a magazine broadcasting during the Showa era, there was a theory among Ultras that King is Zoffy's maternal grandfather.


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