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Zevuoz is a powerful cyborg monster that appeared as the final boss in the game Kaiju Busters.

Subtitle: The Ultimate Artificial Life Creature


Kaiju Busters

Zevouz is a biological weapon created by a mad scientist during the events of the game. Zevouz's purpose was to eradicate all life in the universe, and restore everything to how it originally was. The final parts of the game see Zevouz released, and the players must take it down. In the end the abomination is destroyed, and the universe is saved.


  • Zevouz is similar to Galactron in the fact that both of their purposes for creation was to reset everything back to its original state.


  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Unknown
Powers and Weapons
  • Eye Laser: Zevouz can fire a forward red beam from its eye.
  • Light Pillars: Zevouz can summon several light pillars around itself to engulf enemies.
  • Spectrum Lasers: Zevouz can fire six multi-colored beams from its body.
  • Teleportation: Zevouz can teleport short distances.
  • Reality Distortion: Zevouz can distort reality such as making everything look upside down.
  • Black Holes: Zevouz can summon a black hole to suck up opponents.
  • Luminescence Shields: Zevouz can summon several octagon-shaped shields to defend itself.
  • Bombs: Zevouz can summon several meteor-like bombs.