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"Zetton! Alien Baltan! Super Combination: Zetton Alien Baltan!"

―Combination announcement

Zetton Alien Baltan[1] (ゼットンバルタン星人 Zetton Barutan Seijin) is a stage show-exclusive antagonist that appeared in Ultraman Festival 2016. It is a fusion of Alien Baltan and Zetton.


Ultraman Festival 2016

Having failed to invade the Earth 50 years ago after he first unveiled himself, Alien Baltan launches an invasion again and fights against Ultraman Orb.[2] Soon, this alien summons an army of Alien Baltan and several other past enemies (Ultraman Belial, Dark Lugiel, Greeza and Maga-Zetton) though Orb gains assistance from other Ultra Warriors later onwards. As the Baltan Army was about to be defeated, one Alien Zetton disguised as the stage show announcer somehow combined the the Kaiju Cards of the Baltan and Zetton and formed Zetton Alien Baltan. This combination was too powerful even against the combined effort of Ultraseven, Ultraman Ace, Ultraman Zero, Ultraman Ginga, Ultraman X and Ultraman Orb, but was defeated once more when Ultraman appeared and debuted his new attack, Colorium Beam. The fusion was later destroyed by Ultraman and Orb's Double Spacium Beam, leaving a weakened Alien Baltan spared by Tiny Baltan.[3]

In the second stage show, Zett recreated Zetton Alien Baltan in his dying breath by having a regular Zetton fused with the multitudes of Alien Baltan. This fusion fought against multiple Ultra Warriors before being defeated by Ultraman Orb's Sparion Beam.[4]


  • In the early stage show, the Zetton Alien Baltan combination that uses the Kaiju Cards of its components emits the same announcement voice made by the Dark Ring. Despite this, said device was never shown in use.
  • As revealed in the 272nd issue of Figure-Oh, Zetton Alien Baltan would have its suit being modified into a variant known as Zetton Falx in Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy.


"Sir Zetton! Sir Alien Baltan! Let me borrow the power of darkness!"

―Activation announcement for Zetton Alien Baltan


Powers and Weapons
  • Pincers: Zetton Alien Baltan has a pair of pincers, which can also act as strong makeshift clubs.
    • Red Freezing Ray: Zetton Alien Baltan can fire a red wave of energy to freeze opponents.
  • Fireball: Zetton Alien Baltan can unleash fireball attacks from its face, which serves as an analogy to Zetton's One Trillion Degree Fireball.
  • Thick Hide: Zetton Alien Baltan is strong enough to resist severe hits and hindering the Ultra Slash without a scratch.



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