The Zero Sluggers (ゼロスラッガー Zero Suraggā) are double Crest Weapons similar to Ultraseven's Eye Slugger that are wielded by Ultraman Zero, Darklops Zero, and Ultraman Belial (as Zero Darkness). They can be used in combat and to fire beams.


Their name comes from Zero's name and his father, Ultraseven's, iconic crest blade, the Eye Slugger. The word 'Eye' was instead switched for 'Zero'.


Like the Eye Slugger and most crest weapons in general, the Zero Sluggers can be used as projectiles, or as hand-held blades. Like all Crest Weapons, they can cut through dense materials. Energy can be directed into them to improve their cutting ability.

Unlike his father, Zero can use his blades to fire an Ultra Beam.

Thanks to his empowerment and various forms, Zero can use them for other means. This includes combining them into one larger crescent blade, known as the Zero Twin Sword (ゼロツインソード Zero Tsuin Sōdo) and multiplying them and controlling them mentally. As Ultraman Zero Beyond, he has 4 of these Crest Weapons, however they are non-detachable and energy projections take their place when used in combat.


  • Zero Slugger Attack (ゼロスラッガーアタック Zero Suraggā Atakku): A slashing attack with the Zero Sluggers.
  • Zero Twin Sword (ゼロツインソード Zero Tsuin Sōdo): The Zero Sluggers turn into a crescent-shaped blade using the Plasma Spark's energy. This can be thrown like a giant boomerang.
    • Plasma Spark Slash (プラズマスパークスラッシュ Purazuma Supāku Surasshu): A slashing attack by the energizing the Zero Twin Sword, color vary between blue and green.
  • Combination Zero (コンビネーションゼロ Konbinēshon Zero): A combination attack with Ultraseven, using both of their Slugger weapons. The bladed projectiles circle around eachother at high speeds and is then launched at the enemy, cutting them apart.
  • Reflection: Naturally resembling the Eye Slugger, the Zero Sluggers are capable of acting as mirror-like substances, which he used in a strategized attack against Villainous and his Tyrant.
  • Zero Twin Shoot (ゼロツインシュート Zero Tsuin Shūto): A powerful beam from his chest with the Zero Sluggers.
  • Acceleration: Zero can move at fast speeds with the Zero Sluggers, used to finish off the last few monsters of the Belial Army. When doing this, a blue light is seen around Zero's body. A white light version is used against Jean-Nine.
Luna-Miracle Zero
  • Miracle Zero Slugger (ミラクルゼロスラッガー Mirakuru Zero Suraggā): Zero can generate three pairs or more of his Zero Sluggers, controlling them all mentally. He can bring them together in an attack similar to Combination Zero.
Zero Darkness
  • Cutting Attack: A technique that was used on Glen Fire, it uses the Dark Zero Sluggers. He slashes the opponent in a blink of an eye, tearing through their flesh.
  • Dark Zero Twin Shoot (ダークゼロツインシュート Dāku Zero Tsuin Shūto): A dark version of Zero's Zero Twin Shoot.
Zero Beyond
  • Quattro Slugger (クアトロスラッガー Kuatoro Suraggā): Zero creates projections of the 4 non-detachable Crest Weapons on his head and launches them at his target(s). They can defend against incoming attacks by having them spin around each other at high speeds.
  • Boost Megaphone (ブーストメガホン Būsuto Megahon): The Quattro Slugger can also be used as a makeshift megaphone if need be, and can produce sounds loud enough to launch a monster off into space.
  • Beyond Twin Edge (ビヨンドツインソエッジ Biyondo Tsuin Ejji): Zero can wield two Zero Twin Swords made purely of energy, at once. They are also somewhat capable of ranged attack by launching energy slashes. Zero is able to summon a solid type of the Beyond Twin Edge as well. A purple energy slash is released when sliced at foes in solid type.
    • Twin Giga Break (ツインギガブレイク Tsuin Giga Bureiku): Zero enlarges the solid Beyond Twin Edge into a projection, then slashes the enemy, leaving a "Z" shaped cut through the opponent.
  • Slugging Chorus (スラッギングコーラス Suraggingu Kōrasu): Zero launches the Quattro Sluggers and the Bulky Chorus simultaneously at the enemy. Used against Star Bem Gyeron.
Zero Slugger Gear

In 2010, Tsuburaya Prod. and Televi-Kun launched a competition called New Power-up Armor Design Contest (新強化アーマーデザインコンテスト Shin Kyōka Amā Dezain Kontesuto) for the readers to design armed forms of Ultraman Zero, where he would turn his Zero Sluggers into battle armor.

After the competition was over, the two winning entries made their appearance in Ultraman Festival 2010, as Zero splits into three and the two copies initiate the Zero Slugger Gear (ゼロスラッガーギア Zero Suraggā Gia).

Two armors had been identified, namely Super Form (スーパーフォーム Sūpā Fōmu) and Keeper Form (キーパーフォーム Kīpā Fōmu) respectively.

Main article: Orb Sluggers
  • Orb Sluggers (オーブスラッガー Ōbu Suraggā): A pair of Crest Weapons used by Ultraman Orb Hurricane Slash and Emerium Slugger, both of which tapped into the power of Ultraman Zero. These weapons visually resemble the Zero Sluggers in a light blue hue and are created by tapping into Zero's power. Unlike more conventional Crest Weapons, the Orb Sluggers are permanently attached to Orb's head and when in use, only energy projections are released.

Darklops Zero
  • Darklops Zero Sluggers (ダークロプスゼロスラッガー Dākuropsu Zero Suraggā): A variation used by Darklops Zero. They lack the Zero Twin Sword form due to their robotic nature.
  • Darklops Sluggers (ダークロプススラッガー Dākuropsu Suraggā): Variations used by the Darklops. The models are no different to the ones used by their prototype, Darklops Zero.


Zero Sluggers

Darklops Zero Sluggers

Dark Zero Sluggers

Quattro Sluggers


  • They were originally called the Double ISluggers (Pronounced Eye Sluggers), during Zero's development phase, when he was called Ultraseven AX and was all red, until it was changed as it made Zero more like another revamp of his father Ultraseven.
  • As Zero Darkness, the Zero Sluggers glowed purple instead of the usual green. Also, Belial holds the blades in a manner of pinch grip, except when he initiates Dark Zero Twin Shoot unlike Zero.
  • In Ultraman Geed, Darklops Zero didn't remove its Darklops Zero Sluggers by hand, instead energy hues surround them and went to his hands in a similar manner to Zero.

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