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Zero One (ゼロワン Zero Wan) was Alien Chibull's robot servant that first appeared in Ultraseven. An upgraded and futuristic version appeared in Ultraman Ginga S.

Subtitle: Android Girl (アンドロイド少女 Andoroido Shōjo)



Alien Chibull created Zero One with the directive of killing Dan Moroboshi. The evil alien sent Zero One out at night in order to intercept the Ultra Guard's night patrol to find Dan. In her first attempt she found Soga and Furuhashi while they were driving down a road. She asked if either of the was Dan, and Furuhashi jokingly said he was Dan. A handshake later and he was shocked and injured, while Zero One ran away. Later she was scolded by her master on her failure. When Dan and another UG member were cornered in a store by her master and herself, the two were caught off guard when Dan knocked Soga out and transformed into Ultraseven. After a short chase, Seven managed to shoot Zero One with his Emerium Beam, turning her into a statue. She then toppled over and smashed into pieces, dying in the process. Her death forced her master to transform.


Ultraman Ginga S

Android One Zero in Ultraman Ginga S

Main article: Mana

Zero One was rebooted in this series as Android One Zero, the secondary antagonist of Ultraman Ginga S in the series' first half, serving under her master, Alien Chibull Exceller. However, after she was dumped by Exceller, she found a new purpose in her life as Mana, allying with her former enemies, Hikaru Raido, Sho and UPG. In the finale, she sacrificed herself to sabotage Vict Lugiel for Ultraman Ginga Strium and Ultraman Victory to kill him, but her imprints were retained in her Victorium necklace, allowing Tomoya Ichijouji to rebuild her.

Ultraman Ginga S The Movie: Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors!

Main article: Mana


Zero One
  • Height: 2 m
  • Weight: 90 kg
  • Origin: Planet Chibull
Powers and Weapons
  • Martial Art Skills: Zero One appears to be skilled in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Superhuman Strength: Zero One is strong enough to pushed down a door, breaking its hinges, even with two grown men (Dan and Soga) pushing against it.
  • Electric Bolts: Zero One can generate large amounts of electricity and discharge it through her hands. It is enough to injure and potentially kill a grown man and can also be fired in the form of a directed energy weapon.
  • Acceleration: When she was seen chased by Dan, Zero One's running speed was superior compared to him and his partner, with her speed can rival an average car.
  • Communication Jamming: Zero One can jam communication devices.

Android One Zero/Mana
Zero One Victory Generation.jpg
Main article: Mana
  • Height: TBA
  • Weight: TBA
  • Origin: Exceller's spaceship base
Powers and Weapons
  • Martial Art Skills: Android One Zero is skilled in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Chibull Spark: Exceller's artificial Spark Device (similar to the Ginga Spark, Ginga Light Spark, Dark Spark, and Dark Dummy Spark). This device allows the user to 'MonsLive' Kaiju Spark Dolls to materialize them in real life. This would be given to One Zero for her use.
  • Electric Bolts: Android One Zero can fire lightning bolts from her palm.
    • Electric Punch: Android One Zero can charge her fist with electricity to empower her punch.
  • Chiburoid Ball: When needed, Android One Zero can throw a ball that transforms into an army of Chiburoids.
  • Acceleration: Android One Zero can accelerate at a blinding speed.
  • Self Healing: Android One Zero can quickly heal herself from minor injuries. Heavy injuries would eventually took time though she would be rendered temporarily deactivated in the process.
  • Zetton Bomb: One Zero was once given a cube-shaped bomb that she tried to use it to destroy UPG Live Base until she was destroyed and her bomb deactivated. The bomb itself named after the monster that killed the first Ultraman, Zetton.
  • Self Destruct: One Zero can initiate a self-destruct mechanism if ordered by Exceller. During the countdown, her badge and the red stripe on her uniform shine red. However, the bomb can be disarmed if her badge is destroyed.
  • Teleportation: One Zero can teleport herself to anywhere in the Earth, even to the Victorium Core.
  • Heat Resistance: An android herself, One Zero can resist in an extremely hot environment.


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