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Zero (ゼロ) were the first Space Beasts to set foot on Earth, arriving a year after the Visitors' arrival.



ACT 3: Revival - Resurrection

The first Space Beast to set foot on Earth, arriving a year after the Visitors' arrival, they appeared and took residence in Colorado, USA. They were known to cause the incidents of unnatural death of horses and cattle in in the district. After the US goverment discovered it, they sent their soldiers to terminate the monster. Despite the threat being annihilated, this had only proved that the Visitors' prediction is true.


  • So far, Zero were the first Space Beasts to:
    • Set foot on Earth.
    • Not be interested in feeding on humans.
    • Not to be killed by Noa/The Next/Nexus.
    • Not to become one of the combining parts of Izmael.
  • Zero was mentioned in ULTRAMAN 2004 movie.
  • These Space Beasts were codenamed Zero as they were the first and there for 'Prime' specimen. Just as in cloning in fiction the source of the DNA cloned is often called the prime and clones are known by number starting from One.
  • The arrival of Zero as well were responsible for the start of the grey alien myth in America.


Powers and Weapons
  • Unknown
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