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Zaira-Unicorn (ザイラユニコン Zaira Yunikon) is a robot dinosaur-like Kaiju that first appeared in episode 10 and 11 of Iron King.

Subtitle: Monster Robot (怪獣ロボット Kaijū Robotto)


Iron King

With the absolute destruction of the Shiranui Clan, a new force rose up to take on Japan. Determined to bring about a revolution, the Phantom Opposition Party constructed numerous, dinosaur-like automatons to do their bidding. Their first, Zaira-Unicorn, was deployed to bring about the total annihilation of Tokyo! It devastated self-defense forces before being tasked to recapture a princess that would help in their conquest. However, Gentaro and Goro interfered. Goro transformed into Iron King and quickly attacked the reptilian-like machine.

The battle raged longer than Iron King’s water supply could last, forcing the red giant back into his human form. However, Gentaro managed to continue the battle and damaged the robot with his Iron Belt, causing its masters to summon it back for repairs. It was an easy fix, however, for Zaira-Unicorn was unleashed soon enough. It began to attack a small village and forced Goro to summon the strength of Iron King again. This time the hero was prepared and used his levitating bolts to slam the man-made monster to the ground. Unfortunately, it wasn’t good enough. His water began to run low again, but once again, Gentaro aided him. He used his Iron Belt to sever its tail and smash it into its remote controllers. Crushing the terroristic pair, Gentaro found and destroyed its control device, and with that, Zaira-Unicorn self-destructed.


  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Japan
  • Weakness: If the Phantom Militia controller device is destroyed, Zaira-Unicorn will self-destruct.
Powers and Weapons
  • Tri-Cannon: Located in its mouth, Zaira-Unicorn is equipped with a triple barreled cannon capable of launching numerous, missile-strength blasts at once.


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