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Zaanmoth ( ザーモス Zāmosu) was a monster that appeared in the episode 22 of The☆Ultraman.

Subtitle: Different Dimension Monster (異次元怪獣 I jigen kaijū)



While on vacation visiting Marume's home in Kyushu, the Science Garrison discovered that a mysterious "cloud" had been abducting ships. Marume himself ended up being dragged into the cloud where he met Zaanmoth, who was scared by the ships that hit him every time he opened his barrier to look around, and wanted to go back to his home dimension. Wanting to help the monster, Marume worked with Pig to develop a dimensional compass to help it return home. Later, Zaanmoth's barrier began appearing on the ocean again, with the Science Garrison retaliating, until they managed to break the barrier. Terrified, Zaanmoth grew in size and began to attack the Science Garrison and the Kyushu village, until Hikari transformed into Ultraman Joneus. The Ultra was challenged by the monster's great strength, almost having to kill him with the Planium Beam until he saw the sunlight glinting off Marume's dimensional compass. Seeing that Zaanmoth was just a scared animal that wanted to go home, Joneus carried both the monster and the compass into the sky and activated the device, opening a dimensional portal into which he threw Zaanmoth and the compass, allowing the monster to use the device to find his way home.


  • Voice: Kenichi Ogata
  • In the episode various animation errors occur with Zaanmoth's abdomen appearing to have spikes.
  • Zaanmoth's giant form stats seem to suggest he dwarfs the likes of Ultras, even though in the show he is not much taller than Joneus.
    • There is a chance that the maximum stats are actually describing an unseen, fully-grown Zaanmoth.


  • Height: 38 ~ 142 m
  • Weight: 30,700 ~ 190,900 t
  • Origin: Zaanmoth's Dimension
Powers and Weapons
  • Nasal Pressurized Water: Zaanmoth can release highly pressurized water from his nostrils after taking it in from the ocean.
  • Long Tongue: Zaanmoth has a long tongue that is ideal for ensnaring foes, even able to restrain Ultraman Joneus.
  • Curled Tail: Zaanmoth has a curved tail armed with spikes that serve as a counterbalance instead of rear legs and can be used as a clubbed weapon.
  • Giant Feet: Zaanmoth's feet are broad and elephant-like, and can be used as clubbing or stomping weapons.
  • Magnetism: Zaanmoth gives off intense magnetic rays which attract things such as ships towards him.
  • Dimensional Barrier: Zaanmoth creates a barrier containing a pocket dimension to hide from danger, although he cannot see what's going on outside while it's up, and has to open it. Things such as ships and humans may get inside the dimension while it's open. In addition, the barrier can be broken by a concentrated assault.
  • Growth: Zaanmoth can increase his size when he feels threatened. It is stated by Marume that Zaanmoth is actually a baby stage of his species, so this may be him naturally developing.



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