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"(User's name)! Access granted!"

―Ultra Access Card announcement

"(Ultra's name)! (Ultra's name)! (Ultra's name)!"

―Ultra Medals scanning announcement

"(Three Ultras' battle cries) (Ultraman user name and form name)!"

―Transformation announcement

"(Kaiju name)! (Kaiju name)! (Kaiju name)!"

―Kaiju Medals scanning announcement

"(Kaiju fusion name)!"

―Transformation announcement as a fusion monster

The Z Riser (ゼットライザー Zetto Raizā) is a transformation item and weapon that appears in Ultraman Z. Despite its name, its also known as the Ultra Z Riser (ウルトラゼットライザー Urutora Zetto Raizā), due to Ultraman Z's tendency to add the "Ultra" prefix.

So far, only four known models existed, with its prominent users being Ultraman Z (shared with Haruki Natsukawa), the Celebro in possession of Shinya Kaburagi and later Director Kuriyama, while Riku Asakura used it as an alternative to transform into Ultraman Geed in place of his Geed Riser[2]. It can also be wielded as a weapon by the Ultras who transform using the device, when used as a weapon, the slots fit by three blank Ultra Medals.

Jugglus Juggler created a dark copy of the device, called the Dark Z Riser (ダークゼットライザー Dāku Zetto Raizā), used in place of his Dark Ring.[3]


Utraman Z

The Z Riser was originally developed in the Land of Light to help Ultra Warriors deal with berserk monsters throughout space, due to the emergence of the Devil Splinters. Ultraman Hikari, who was developing this device, required a "neutral" test subject and thus Ultraman Zero referred Z to him, who eventually got the device named after him.

Zero gave Z his Z Riser and three Ultra Medals prior to being sucked by Bullton. On Earth, the device is shared with his human host, Haruki, after merging with the recently deceased officer.

Meanwhile, the space parasite Celebro managed to steal one of the Z Risers from the Land of Light by possessing the space monster Genegarg. Through his human possession, Shinya, he used it in conjunction with the Kaiju Medals he crafted.[4][5]

"Darkness twinkling between the stars, grant me your dark power. From light to darkness, from darkness to light!"

―Juggler's chant while copying the Z Riser

While remaining hidden on Earth as Shota Hebikura, Jugglus Juggler took the opportunity to briefly steal Haruki's Z Riser during Peguila's rampage, where he summoned the Kaiju Medals of Zetton, Pandon and Maga-Orochi along with the power of the Phantom Universe (幻の宇宙 Maboroshi no Uchū) to clone said device into his own Dark Z Riser.[6]

When the Riser used by Riku Asakura was overloaded in a battle against a revived Gillvalis, Pega provided him with a Z Riser from Ultraman Hikari as a replacement. His last use of said device was during the fight against Greeza, and after that he gave his Medals to Haruki once his old Geed Riser was fixed.

Juggler's final time in using his Dark Z Riser was when he used Zeppandon to clash against Celebro/Five King while trying to save Haruki. It resulted with his custom-made device damaged, forcing him to resort to Windom in STORAGE's final fight against Destrudos.

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

While pursuing Alien Barossa alongside Yoko in space, the latter damaged Haruki's Z Riser and stole the Ultra Medals, forcing him to utilize GUTS Sparklence as an alternative while the Z Riser is under maintenance by Akito.

Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z

Some time later, the Z Riser was repaired, allowing Haruki to use it to transform again prior to his hunt for the escaping Celebro.



The user inserts their Ultra Access Card into the midsection as the Z Riser reads and grants access to its user. They then insert three Ultra Medals or Kaiju Medals into the blade and scan them through the reader. Transforming without the use of Medals will transform the user into their "default" form.[7]

After transforming, the Z Riser can be used as a weapon by switching to attack mode, and the three medals can be activated to perform special signature attacks.

Unfortunately, the Z Risers used by Ultras will not activate unless they try as hard as they can and their spirit is properly motivated.


  • Hero's Gate (ヒーローズゲート Hīrōzu Gēto): By pressing the trigger on the Z Riser, a dimensional gate can be opened, which provides entrance to the Inner Space.[8] According to Z, 1 minute inside the dimension equals a second in the real world.
  • Ultra Medal Attacks: The Z Riser can fire attacks after scanning three Ultra Medals.
    • Lightning Generade (ライトニングジェネレード Raitoningu Jenerēdo): Using Cosmos, Nexus, and Mebius' powers, Z summons lightning bolts to strike down the enemy.
    • M78 Style Shining Tornado Slash (M78流・竜巻閃光斬 Emu Nana Hachi Ryū Tatsumaki Senkō Zan): Using Zoffy, Jack, and Father of Ultra's powers, the Z Riser unleashes an energy blade to fight with. Later on, Z creates a whirlwind to blow the opponent away, and throws a buzzsaw disc at them.
    • Galaxy Burst (ギャラクシーバースト Gyarakushī Bāsuto): Using Ginga, X, and Orb's powers, an energy slicer is fired from the Z Riser.

  • Hero's Gate (ヒーローズゲート Hīrōzu Gēto): By pressing the trigger on the Z Riser, a dimensional gate can be opened, which provides entrance to the Inner Space.
  • Energy Slash: A red energy slash from the weapon.
  • Ultra Medal Attacks: The Z Riser can fire attacks after scanning three Ultra Medals.
    • Galaxy Burst (ギャラクシーバースト Gyarakushī Bāsuto): Using Ginga, X, and Orb's powers, an energy slicer is fired from the Z Riser.

  • Fake Hero's Gate (フェイクヒーローズゲート Feiku Hīrōzu Gēto): In the case of Shinya (Celebro), a fake version of the Hero's Gate, similar to that of the Ultra Warriors, is summoned instead.[9]

  • Dark Hero's Gate (ダークヒーローズゲート[6] Dāku Hīrōzu Gēto): By pressing the trigger on the Z Riser, a dimensional gate can be opened, which provides entrance to the Inner Space.





  • In an early magazine content, the Celebro-possessed Kaburagi was claimed to be able to summon and manipulate monsters to do his bidding.[5] However, in the series, he only uses Kaiju Medals to empower naturally-occurring monsters, or to transform himself into monster fusions.
  • One of the names that Z considered naming the device was Z Spark (ゼットスパーク Zetto Supāku). Ultra Z Riser
  • In the toy release:
    • Like the Orb Ring and Geed Riser, the Z Riser has sounds for past forms/fusions, including:
      • Fusion forms and Ultras that constitute three or less components (e.g. Legend with the Cosmos and Justice Medals; Ginga Strium with the Ginga and Taro Medals; Saga with the Zero, Dyna, and Cosmos Medals; or Gaia Supreme Version with the Gaia V2 and Agul V2 Medals).
      • Victory's Ultlance, by inserting an Ultra Access Card and scanning the Victory Medal with a Kaiju Medal that granted Victory a Kaiju's limbs on his right arm (e.g., Eleking Medal).[10]
      • X's Cyber Armors, by inserting an Ultra Access Card and scanning the X Medal with another Medal that granted X an armament as Cyber Cards (e.g. the Ultimate Zero Medal).[11]
      • Orb's Fusion Up forms (including game-exclusive forms), by inserting an Ultra Access Card and scanning the Orb Medal with two other Medals that make up the components.[12] For Orb Lightning Attacker, an Ultra Access Card other than Riku's must be used, as Geed Galaxy Rising uses the same components.
      • Geed's Fusion Rise forms (including game-exclusive forms), by inserting Riku's Access Card and scanning two Medals that make up the components.[13] This can alternatively be done with Geed's Medal occupying one of the three slots using Haruki or Leito's Access Card.
      • Rosso's/Blu's Type Changes, by inserting an Ultra Access Card and scanning the Rosso/Blu Medal with one of four Medals that represented the four elements as R/B Crystals.
    • When three Ultraman Zero Medals are scanned with Haruki's Ultra Access Card, a Zero Special Combo (ゼロスペシャルコンボ Zero Supesharu Konbo) can be initiated.[14]
  • The Dark Z Riser has a deeper voice and standby jingle, fitting its existence as a dark counterpart to the original item.
  • Although never demonstrated in-series, the toy version of Z Riser demonstrated that Geed is also capable of accessing the same Ultra Medal attacks just as Z did. This is also accompanied with Riku's voice announcing the attack.
    • If Riku's Ultra Access Card is inserted and to be used for normal transformation a la Z's Original form, it emits the announcement for Primitive, Geed's default Fusion Rise form. This implies that in-universe, Geed's default form is registered as Primitive in place of his Early Style when using the Z Riser.
  • Given that Ultraman Z is reverted from Gamma Future to Original when Haruki became hesitant, it's implied that the Ultra Fusion requires the unity of both the human hosts and their Ultraman partner's mind. When Celebro took over Haruki, and by proxy Ultraman Z, the Ultra is reverted to Original and his Ultra Fusion remains inaccessible to the parasite.


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