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"Spear of light from the heavens, answer our prayers. Send the monster to a sleep beyond time."

―Ancient Inuit legend of the Z Lance Arrow

Z Lance Arrow (ゼットランスアロー Zetto Ransu Arō) is a lance/bow hybrid weapon utilized by Ultraman Z. It was born from a mysterious stone found in northern Alaska.[1]


Roughly 30,000 years ago, an Ultraman sealed away Peguila under the Alaskan permafrost, using the item as a guard over its seal. The item was rediscovered in the modern day and brought to the Teitoyama University Anthropology Research Center for analysis, freeing Peguila from the ice. Peguila started to make its way to the university to destroy the weapon so that it would never be sealed again. After sensing Haruki Natsukawa and Ultraman Z's determination, it reacted to them and showed its true form. Z used the weapon to defeat Peguila, and then Zeppandon, which Jugglus Juggler transformed into. First Juggling


  • Lance Cutter (ランスカッター Ransu Kattā): A slicing attack.
  • Arrow Shot (アローショット Arō Shotto): Whenever he pulls down the lever each time, an energy projectile fired from the lance's tip.
  • Z Lance Fire (ゼットランスファイヤー Zetto Ransu Faiyā): After pulling down the lever once, Z draws the letter Z with flames, which he then sends flying towards the opponent, combusting them alive.
  • Z Ice Arrow (ゼットアイスアロー Zetto Aisu Arō): After pulling down the lever twice, Z creates a large energy bow, which launches an arrow that freezes its target.




Ultraman Z



  • The Z Lance Arrow's design was modified from the Orb Slugger Lance, the entire weapon being recolored and added with an anchor-like tip and a new handle.
    • Ironically, both weapons made their first appearance in episode 5 of their respective series.
  • The ancient drawing of the Z Lance Arrow was drawn by Tomoaki Koshi. At first, he clearly drew Peguila's outline on the drawing but was asked to make it more obscure.[2]


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