Z-VTOL (ゼットビートル Zetto Bītoru) is a fighter jet used by the attack team VTL


Ultraman Orb

The Z-VTOL was manufactured by the Kofune Manufacturing and its residents in exchange of VTL Squad's financial aid. Its president, Soichi Kofune agreed on this, wanting his creation to be beneficial to anyone.Justice Out of Control


  • Outer Space Adaptation: Despite being an aircraft, Z-VTOLs can operate in space without problems.
  • Cooling Missile: In episode 4, three Z-VTOLs were armed with cooling missiles used to attack Maga-Pandon's Maga-Fireball.
  • Electric Net: In episode 15, one single Z-VTOL was equipped with an electric net which was used in an attempt to stop Galactron.



  • So far in most of the jet's appearance had an unnamed pilot who was voiced by You Murakami. This pilot in episode 15 appeared in flesh moments before his jet crashed the ground, but so far there have been no source to confirm that both voice actor and actor are the same person.
  • This jet is a homage to the original Jet VTOL, simply being painted blue instead of red, and having the Space VTOL's hydrogen-rocket boosters at the wingtips yet without the support stabilizer arch.
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