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"You are light and...human."

―Yuzare's line to Kengo in his dream

This version of Yuzare (ユザレ) is one of the characters in Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga. She is presented as a white haired Miko who frequently appeared in Kengo's dreams and eventually guiding him to merge with Ultraman Trigger.[1] Her spirit dwells within the body of Yuna Shizuma, her descendant.


Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

30 million years prior to the series, Yuzare was the commander of the Terran Protection Team (地球星警備団 Chikyū-sei Keibi-dan) who joined forces with Ultraman Trigger to expel the Giants of Darkness away from Earth when their quest for Eternity Core threatened the entire universe.[1]

Yuzare's bloodline was passed down for the next 30 million years. In present day, her spirit inhabited the body of her descendant, Yuna Shizuma.

In the present day, Yuzare constantly appeared in Kengo Manaka's dream, which was later accompanied by the image of a dark giant. When Carmeara attacked Trigger's petrified form and Kengo, Yuzare shielded the two before the young man merged with the giant. From that point onward, Yuzare starts to convey her messages to Kengo over time.[1]

When Carmeara attacked Ultraman Trigger, she unleashed a Curse of Darkness upon him and Kengo, causing Trigger's light to disappear. Kengo and Trigger fired the Zeperion Beam at the mass of darkness above him, which somehow opened a time rift and sent Kengo back to 30 million years ago. He met with the then-living Yuzare as well as Trigger Dark, fending him off while protecting Yuzare.

Kengo defending Yuzare from Trigger Dark's attack

However, Yuzare was eventually captured by the Giants of Darkness, and is made to open the gate to the Eternity Core. Kengo arrived too late, and is given the Ancient Sparklence. Yuzare called him "R'lyeh", meaning "hope" in her language, before he set off. The Encounter of Light and Darkness Kengo managed to convince Trigger to turn from the darkness, changing him into Ultraman Trigger Multi Type, who fought his former comrades. Trigger was losing at first until Yuzare sent the Eternity Core's power to Kengo at the cost of her own life. The light started to petrify Trigger and the Giants of Darkness until Trigger pushed his opponents into space while they turned into stone, with Trigger's own petrified remains landing on Mars and thus completing the time loop that started all these events.

Kengo, now brought to the present, fought against Trigger Dark and the Giants of Darkness. He struggled until Yuzare's spirit comes forth from the ring she left behind and through it, Yuna grants Trigger a fragment of the Eternity Core, allowing him to become Glitter Trigger Eternity. The 30-Million-Year Miracle


Powers and Weapons
  • Astral Projection: Yuzare's current form in the present day is an astral projection of her former self, allowing her to instantly appear in anywhere she desired or disappearing without leaving any traces.
  • Dream Invasion: The exact nature of this ability is unknown, but prior to Kengo's merging with Trigger, Yuzare had repeatedly appeared in Kengo's nightmare of a mysterious Giant of Darkness.
  • Energy Shield: Yuzare can conjure a circular energy shield as a means of defending herself and her companions.



  • Like the original Yuzare, she has a facial resemblance to one of their series' cast members; in this case, she resembles and shares the same actress with Yuna Shizuma.[1]
  • Yuzare's ring (which she wears on her right hand) has a gem resembling Trigger's Color Timer. It is also sold as a real-life product that comes with a neck strap to turn it into a necklace.[2]