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"You have the light. All of us have it. The answer is within you if you allow it to come out."

―Yuzare to Daigo Madoka, Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey

Yuzare (ユザレ) was the ancestor of Captain Iruma, the human lover of the original Ultraman Tiga and the A.I program that was placed in the time capsule by the original. She was the commander of the Terran Defense Team.


Pre-Ultraman Tiga

In the ancient past, Yuzare was the leader of the Terran Defense Team. She somehow convinced Tiga Dark to return to the side of light, and he sealed away his former comrades, the Giants of Darkness, in R'lyeh. However, Yuzare was unable to stop the spread of Gijera's pollen and it is unknown if she fell under its sway. Seeing the Ultras leave the planet, she made provisions for the next cycle, placing Tiga's Sparklence in a capsule that was then sent into space to return to Earth when the cycle of destruction would appear again.

Ultraman Tiga


In modern times, Yuzare appears mainly as a hologram, an A.I. bearing the face of her aged self that served as a source of wisdom for Daigo, though later she would appear to her descendant Megumi Iruma from whom she would later manifest from. From her hologram she told Daigo that the Ultra-Ancient Civilization was destroyed, and some individuals departed from the Earth to find new lands.

Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey

Two years after the defeat of Gatanothor, the Giants of Darkness were awakened once more, but before they could spread chaos across the world, Yuzare reawakened from Iruma, who was knocked unconscious earlier, and she placed a barrier of light across R'lyeh that would last 100 years, but the seal could be broken if Daigo became Ultraman Tiga once more which indeed happened.

Powers and Weapons

  • Telepathy: She could communicate with Daigo when he was unconscious. The hologram's audio message was encoded so only Daigo with his Ultra Genes could understand it.
  • Astral Projection: Yuzare's spirit could temporarily separate itself from its reincarnated form to act. Upon returning to her body her modern identity Iruma would have no knowledge of her prior actions.
  • Golden Light Barrier: She is able to summon a pyramid of light so that the dark beings or Zoiger are not allowed to go out. It would last until 100 years had passed or if Daigo transformed into Tiga Dark.


Ultraman Tiga

Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey