Yuya Hirata (平田雄也 Hirata Yuya) is a Japanese actor. He played Katsumi Minato, the human host of Ultraman Rosso in Ultraman R/B.




  • Yuya mentions that the challenge he faced when acting as Katsumi is that he needs to imagine the monster's appearance itself.
  • Yuya's favorite Ultraman is Ultraman Taro while his favorite monster is Pigmon. He also recalls drawing Taro in a book as a child.
    • Interestingly, Rosso's main form, Flame, is accessed with Taro's R/B Crystal.
  • As he reveals during the Ultraman R/B Grand Finale event, Yuya once received a fan letter saying "I was able to find my way of life because of R/B. R/B has given me hope."[1]

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