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Yuta Ozawa (小澤雄太 Ozawa Yūta) is a Japanese actor. He is known for his role as Leito Igaguri, the human host of Ultraman Zero in Ultraman Geed.


Year Title Role Notes
2017 Ultraman Geed Leito Igaguri
2018 Ultraman Geed The Movie: Connect the Wishes!
2019 Ultraman New Generation Chronicle Episode 21 "The Plan! Sacrifice!!
Episode 22 "Flash! Going Beyond Fate!!"
2020 Ultraman Chronicle: ZERO & GEED Episode 14 "Ultraman Geed! Belial's Son!!"
Episode 16 "Prepare to Become Zero"


Year Title Role Notes
2017 Ultra Heroes EXPO 2018 Battle Stage Leito Igaguri


Year Title Role Notes
2018 Ultraman Geed DX Ultra Zero Eye NEO ~Special Ver.~ Leito Igaguri



  • Yuta Ozawa mentioned that as a child, he always wanted to become Father of Ultra. His character transforms into Ultraman Zero, a character that is also used as the basis for Ultraman Geed's Magnificent form along with Father of Ultra.
  • During the filming of Ultraman Geed, Yuta was trained by Hideyoshi Iwata, Ultraman Zero's suit actor, to learn Zero's fighting style.