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Yuka Ohta (大田オオタ 結花ユカ Ōta Yuka)[1][2] is a scientist of the team STORAGE.


In addition to giving a hand in creating the anti-monster combat robots, she joined STORAGE as an opportunity to work closer with monsters. She often makes a questionable juice mix for nutrients and offers it to others, despite the mysterious nature of its ingredients.[3][4]


Ultraman Z

Years ago, Yuka heard of Horoboros from her great-grandmother. Being a curious young girl, she sneaked out at night into the forest and saw the beast, but nobody except her great-grandmother believed her. This event gave her the inspiration to start studying monsters. The Lion's Cry

At some point, Yuka joined STORAGE and contributed in the creation of the SAA units by drawing their plans. This included Sevenger and Windom; the latter proved to be a problem after the actual robot was revealed to be entirely diverted away from her original schematics. This was however compensated through a piece of Neronga's horn. Robot-2 Activation Plan


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  • Age: 22
Powers and Weapons
  • Genius Level Intellect: The true extent behind this is unknown, but Yuka is proficient in the field of science and knowledgeable in history.
    • Technology Acuity: Yuka is said to be the one behind SAA units' creation, having lend a hand in designing them.
    • Biology Proficiency: Partly from her interest in monsters, Yuka is knowledgeable in the field of biology. In certain occasions, she would bring a sample from a monster into the base for analysis.[5] In a smaller scale, she can create nutritious drinks for others or in Kuriyama's case, a drink to ease his aching stomach.


Ultraman Z


  • The Jugglus-Juggler Chronicle photobook has Biranki sharing Yuka's actress. In fact, according to director Kiyotaka Taguchi, this similarity is also acknowledged in-universe whenever Jugglus Juggler came across Yuka.[6]