Yuka Ohta (大田オオタ 結花ユカ Ōta Yuka)[1] is a scientist of the team STORAGE.


In addition to giving a hand in creating the anti-monster combat robots, she joined STORAGE as an opportunity to work closer with monsters. She often makes a questionable juice mix for nutrients and offers it to others, despite the mysterious nature of its ingredients.[2][3]


Ultraman Z



Powers and Weapons
  • Genius Level Intellect: The true extent behind this is unknown, but Yuka is proficient in the field of science and knowledgeable in history.
    • Technology Acuity: Yuka is said to be the one behind SAA units' creation, having lend a hand in designing them.
    • Biology Proficiency: Partly from her interest in monsters, Yuka is knowledgeable in the field of biology. In certain occasions, she would bring a sample from a monster into the base for analysis.[4] In a smaller scale, she can create nutritious drinks for others or in Kuriyama's case, a drink to ease his aching stomach.


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