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Yuka Inoue (井上 ゆか Inoue Yuka) is the main deutragonist of Gridman the Hyper Agent.


Gridman the Hyper Agent

Yuka Inoue is a young girl who is one of Naoto's friends and excels in studies and programs. She helps maintain Junk and provides the team spirit and constantly encourages her friends to do their best. Despite being the target of Takeshi's one-sided crush, Yuka developed feelings for Naoto.

Powers and Weapons

  • Academic Achievements: Yuka is stated to be the ace in her classroom and the series would demonstrate a few of her qualified feats, including:
    • Superhuman Agility: She demonstrate the ability top perform parkour and evasion from armed policemen when under control of Re-Shinobilar.
    • Computing: Within Junk, she is known for managing programs, such as enlargement for Gridman, breaking into security barriers (Bamora), managing Assist Weapons and so on. For the Assist Weapons, Ippei managed to simplify her work by creating the Assist Weapon Selecter for easy development.



  • Compared to her circle of friends, Yuka is the only one who has an elder brother, as opposed to a younger sibling.