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Young DASH (少年DASH Shōnen Dasshu) is the tenth episode of Ultraman Max.


DASH is holding its kids tour, when a monster with the ability to teleport randomly appears. One child seems to know its secret, however..


The UDF is holding an observation tour around Base Titan. When it concludes, they notice a dimensional distortion and a group of buildings crumbles. Metacisus appears, while Kaito and Mizuki are tasked with watching the kids. The monster disappears when a kid takes a picture of it, and Elly is unable to detect it. They deduce that the kaiju is able to control gravity and dimensions.

The monster keeps appearing and vanishing randomly, but a child seems able to predict where it will land next. Metacisus escapes. Professor Yukari Yoshinaga deduces that it is attracted to elecromagnetic microwave waves, the amount: the frequency of a cell phone.

Koba, Mizuki and Kaito track down the lad, who refuses to help them. However, they are interrupted when the kaiju attacks. Kaito transforms, but Max cannot seem to land a hit on the teleporting monster.

Koba manages to coax the secret from the child, enabling DASH to help Max in defeating the monster. The kid decides he will join DASH when he grows up.





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  • Ultraman Max Volume 2 features episodes 7-10.
  • The episode was premiered in the United States on TOKU on March 3, 2017
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