Yoko Nakashima (中島ナカシマ 洋子ヨウコ Nakashima Yōko)[1] is the ace pilot of the team STORAGE.[2][3]


Although she has a cheerful and determined personality, she also has a girly side and likes older men. Yoko is well aware of having admirers in STORAGE and challenges them to an arm-wrestling match that she usually wins.[2][3] After being rescued by Ultraman Z from Neronga, she harbors a crush on the giant, never minding the fact that he is 5,000 years old.


Ultraman Z

Yoko was first seen piloting Sevenger against Gomess, where she accidentally caused the robot to topple against a building to avoid stepping on Haruki Natsukawa. When an extraterrestrial monster attacked, she was instructed to evacuate civilians from the evacuation center, Shinkoyo Elementary, aiding Haruki in Sevenger and Ultraman Z. After the monster was defeated, she chanced upon the Ultraman Medal, and soon met up with Haruki.Chant My Name!


Nakashima Full
Powers and Weapons
  • Strength: Although the exact limit of this in unknown, she is the undefeated winner of arm wrestling matches against men, some of which being her admirers in STORAGE.
  • Piloting: She is the ace pilot of SAA units, with Haruki being her partner on missions.
  • Beam Rifle: Whenever she is out of piloting in ground missions, Yoko carries STORAGE's beam rifle as her main weapon.



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