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Yojo (妖女 Yojo lit. Mystic Woman) is a kaijin that first appeared in Ultraman Ace.

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Ultraman Ace

Yapool targeted Kenta's pregnant mother, Yoshiko, and pretended to be Kenta's faraway father to mail him a red gemstone as a gift (with a bit of Yapool's curse). Yapool (in the disguise of an old man) manifested Mazaron Man out of his hatred towards Ace and summoned a red rain via the red gemstone in the said boy's possession, causing his mother to slowly transform into Yojo. As Kenta chased her, Yojo went inside Mt. Fuji, Mazaron Man's hideout and performed a ritual to give birth to Mazarius. Mazarius was born and began to terrorize the area. All of TAC's attacks were proven futile due to the monster's lack of existence. When a TAC member about to shoot Yojo, her son, Kenta, defended her instead. Feeling angered for her mother's turn to evil, he took a stone that he brought along which was the source for all of this trouble and threw it at her, reverting Yojo to normal and thus, deleted Mazarius from existence.


  • Like Lily, Yojo uses a recycled Matango sound effect for her laugh, utilizing the more human giggle part of Matango 's laugh.
  • Yojo's appearance was based on female ghosts/spirits from various Japanese folktales and urban legends.


  • Height: 160 cm
  • Weight: 50 kg
  • Origin: Yoshiko's mutation
  • Weakness: The red gemstone which resulted her mutation in the first place can revert her back into a regular woman if it is thrown at her.
Powers and Weapons
  • Mazarius birth: Through a ritual, Yojo can gave birth to Mazarius. The monster's existence was supported by her maternal energy. If Yojo is reverted back to a human, Mazarius will vanish.
  • Dream Invasion: Yojo can enter into dreams and haunt the victim by chasing them. Used on Kenta to stop him from interfering with her plans.
  • Snake: Though not actually a weapon, Yojo was seen carrying a snake, even in Kenta's dream.
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