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The Alternate Dimension (異次元空間 Ijigen Kūkan)[1][2] is the home world of Yapool and his Terrible-Monsters. It is also where he creates his Terrible-Monsters. Whenever Yapool is observed, his psychic energies make the atmosphere glow and warp in many different colors.


Ultraman Mebius

Yapool used his dimension to create a giant pocket dimension. This dimension depicted an apocalyptic version of Earth and was at least the size of a large city. Ace's Wish

Ultraman Z

Main article: D4 (weapon)

Leftover energy of the Alternate Dimension was utilized by GAFJ through what remained from Baraba's sword horn, manifesting in the form of a superweapon named D4. It would appear that energy originating from within Yapool's Dimension is extremely volatile when concentrated, as the first D4 managed to leave a crater two kilometres wide in Nakanotorishima. The weapon was then made into a projectile, dubbed the D4 Ray, which was used on an army of Kelbim. Ultraman Z Delta Rise Claw managed to stop its spread with a boosted Zestium Beam. However, a large area of the city was left devastated. D4

The weapon was later used for the construction of Ultroid Zero.


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