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Yanakargie (ヤナカーギー Yanakāgī) is a Kaiju featured in the TV series, Ultraman Tiga. Like the episode he stars in, Yanakargie was introduced by Tsuburaya Productions to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Ultraman Series. He appeared in episode 49 of the series.

Subtitle: Space Dinosaur (宇宙恐竜 Uchū Kyōryū)



Yanakargie is Okinawan for "Plain Woman."


Ultraman Tiga

In the year 1965, Yanakargie came to Earth pursued by Ultraman. The Ultra sealed the beast at the bottom of a lake in Japan. Thirty-one years later, an alien by the name of Charija travelled to Earth to find or buy a new monster. Unable to find a kaiju, Charija used a device to travel back to 1965. There he released Yanakargie from his wet tomb.

Daigo Madoka pursued the alien, but could not stand and watch as a monster went on a rampage. He transformed into Ultraman Tiga and began to fight the kaiju. After a long battle, Yanakargie began to drain Tiga's energy. Suddenly, due to Eiji Tsuburaya's strong will, Ultraman was summoned. Ultraman came to the rescue and healed his brother-in-arms. The two Ultras then fired their signature beams, the Zeperion Beam and Spacium Beam, killing Yanakargie. Charija then disappeared, vowing to return. The Ultra Star


  • Suit actor: Toshio Miyake
  • Yanakargie pays several tributes to Ultraman to celebrate the Ultraman Series' 30th anniversary.
    • Yanakargie's appearance and role are based the monster Bemular, the first monster Ultraman fought.
    • On Yanakargie's stomach the Japanese spelling for "Tsuburaya" is written.
    • The lake that Yanakargie was sealed away in, Ryugamori Lake, is the same place that Bemular had been hiding in the first episode of Ultraman.
    • Yanakargie also shares the same subtitle with Zetton, the final Kaiju that Ultraman faced.
  • Yanakargie was created from a modified Goldras suit by repainting it, removing its horns and spikes, and adding ears.


  • Height: 58 m
  • Weight: 60,000 t
  • Origin: Space → Ryugamori Lake
Powers and Weapons
  • Energy Consumption: Yanakargie can consume the energy of his opponents by siphoning directly it into his mouth.


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