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Yak Wat Pho

Yak Wat Pho is a character created by Chaiyo Productions. He first starred in Tah Tien by Chaiyo Productions and later in Tsuburaya and Chaiyo's co-production film, Jumborg Ace & Giant. Yak Wat Pho takes the form of a Chinese-style statue.


Tah Tien

In the film, Yak Wat Pho and Yak Wat Jaeng don't like each other and begin having an argument. The argument escalated until the two of them started beating each other with their clubs. Being immortal, they didn't do very much damage to each other before the gods stepped in and sorted out their issues. During their battle  they did manage to wreck the area between the temples and the river. This battle is what give the movie the name Tah Tien ("The Flattened Dock").

Jumborg Ace & Giant

The treasure of Thailand, which has been stored in Wat Arun had been stolen by Demon Go-Ne, causing Thailand fall into chaos. Some time later in the film, Jum Killer Jr. comes down to destroy the city but is fended off by Yak Wat Pho. Despite his efforts, Yak Wat Pho is defeated by Jum Killer Jr. Wat Arun then sends Giant and Jumborg Ace to fight Jum Killer Jr, who has flown to the moon. Seeing this, Demon Go-Ne shot a beam which caused them to fight amongst themselves on the moon. During the battle, a crack formed on the ground and they both fell into it. Jumborg Ace saved Giant and they both came to. Together, they fought and defeated Demon Go-Ne's Monsters.


Powers and Weapons
  • Club: a club which he can use to batter or impale his opponents.
  • Fire: Pho has the ability to shoot fire from his hands


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