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"Analysing (Spark Doll)"

―Spark Doll scanning announcement

"Activating Gaodiction, analysing (Spark Doll), analysis completed!"

―Scanning the Spark Doll's Gaodiction

"(Cyber Card), now Load!"

―Cyber Card scanning announcement

The Xio Devizer (ジオデバイザー Jio Debaizā) is Xio's main communication device carried by all Xio personnel in Ultraman X.


Ultraman X

One of Xio's gadgets, these are developed to scan the Cyber Cards and to analyze monsters by their Spark Dolls. Member Daichi Oozora's Devizer was upgraded into the X Devizer after he united with Ultraman X.


  • Gao Dection (ガオディクション Gao Dikushon): Xio Devizer is capable of scanning a Spark Doll's emotion.
  • Cyber Card loading: The user can load a Cyber Card to materialize them to real life, though said process is currently unavailable due to still being in development.
    • Realize (リアライズ Riaraizu): But once the process is complete, it will turn into a Spark Doll and for the user to materialize it to real life.


Spark Doll Scanners
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