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Xio (ジオ Jio), short for Xeno invasion outcuttersゼノインベージョンアウトカッターズ (未知なる外敵からの防衛戦闘部隊 Michinaru Gaiteki Kara no Bōei Sentō ButaiZeno Inbējon Autokattāzu lit. Defense combat troops from unknown enemies), is the defense team in Ultraman X.


Ultraman X

Xio Headquarters, Operation Base X

An Ultra Flare from the Sun had enveloped the Earth, causing all the Spark Dolls lying dormant in the land and ocean to be brought back as monsters. In order to counter the violent monsters and alien invasions that were happening one after another, humanity formed a special defense team, Xio, armed with the latest technology. Xio employs 2700 people including maintenance staff and its headquarters, Operation Base X (オペレーションベースX Operēshon Bēsu X) is located just outside of Tokyo.


Special Investigation Team


Main article: Shotaro Kamiki

Shotaro Kamiki (神木正太郎 Kamiki Shōtarō) is the captain of Xio. He firmly believes in understanding the enemy, trying to become friends with them instead of defeating them. While he understands that often monsters must be fought, he does not give up on his belief that humans should coexist with them, a trait he shares with Daichi.


Main article: Sayuri Tachibana

Sayuri Tachibana (橘さゆり Tachibana Sayuri) is the deputy captain of Xio. She is mostly gentle but can be severe, acting as a mother to the team. She is in charge of strategy planning and analysis. She is also an expert in lifesaving.


Main article: Takeru Yamagishi

Takeru Yamagishi (山岸タケル Yamagishi Takeru) is the operator of communications. He is very dutiful.


Main article: Wataru Kazama

A high school rugby player, playing on Japan's national rugby team Wataru Kazama (風間ワタル Kazama Wataru) is very clumsy, but has a strong sense of justice. He is a seasoned officer with six years of experience, a good shooter, and operates the special investigations vehicles. He pairs with Hayato Kijima, though always seeing each others as rivals (this trait even affected their operations), but sometimes their teamwork often going out well. While Hayato pilots the Sky Musketty, Wataru would ride shotgun and control the firing assaults.

He spends his free time watching movies, preferably romantic movies with his favorite one being Roman Holiday.


Main article: Asuna Yamase

Asuna Yamase (山瀬アスナ Yamase Asuna) is a ground combat personnel and skilled in martial arts combat. She is capable of piloting the Land Musketty single handedly and assigned to operate alongside Daichi in assigned missions. While seemingly a tomboy, she actually has a keen fashion sense.

She joined Xio as a cadet after graduating a local high school and her excellent performance led her to be promoted to a position in the investigation team. She joined Xio because she believed women had to fight too and not just leave the men to do everything themselves.


Main article: Hayato Kijima

Hayato Kijima (貴島ハヤト Kijima Hayato) is Wataru's rival in the team, yet ironically were assigned as partners by Captain Shotaro. However, even if they are always at odds, their teamwork sometimes turn out just fine. Hayato is an expert of aerial combat, piloting Sky Musketty while Wataru controls the firing system. He is also considered the vanguard of the Xio Investigation Team.


Main article: Chiaki Matsudo

Chiaki Matsudo (松戸チアキ Matsudo Chiaki) is in charge of communications, ect, working from the Xio headquarters, due to this, making her partnered with Takeru. Her hobby is music.

Lab Team

The Lab Team (ラボチーム Rabo Chīmu) is a division whose purpose is to investigate phenomenon and create Xio arsenals.


Main article: Daichi Oozora

Daichi Oozora (大空大地 Ōzora Daichi 20 year old) is a member of Xio and the human host of Ultraman X. While he works in Xio's Lab Team, he also joins the Special Investigation Team on the frontlines when needed. He believes in trying to get along with monsters, a trait he shares with his captain.

Alien Fanton Guruman.png

Main article: Gourman

An Alien Fanton, Dr. Gourman (グルマン博士 Gourman Hakase) is Xio's analyser and inventor. He is the only one that awares of Daichi's double life as Ultraman X, yet keeps this as a secret as well as helping him, starting with the creation of MonsArmor.

Rui Takada.png

Main article: Rui Takada

Rui Takada (高田ルイ Takada Rui 18 years old) is a young genius scientist of the lab team and Xio's mood maker.

Mamoru Mikazuki.png

Main article: Mamoru Mikazuki

Mamoru Mikazuki (三日月マモル Mikazuki Mamoru 20 year old) is a young genius scientist of the lab team.



Xio Wear.png

  • Xio Suit (ジオスーツ Jio Sūtsu): The standard uniform Xio members wear. It is a universal suit, as it comes with life-sustaining function to let the members be able to withstand extreme heat and cold. The Xiomet, Guard Armor and Xio Tactical Vest can be mounted on it, depending on the alert level.
  • Xio Tactical Vest (ジオタクティカルベスト Jio Takutikaru Besuto): A special strengthened alloy protector that be worn over the Xio Suit during combat. It is protective and light.
  • Xiomet (ジオメット Jiometto): A special strengthened alloy dedicated helmet. Not only can it protect the head from shock and damage, it can also communicate in conjunction with the Xio Devisor.
  • Guard Armor (ガードアーマー Gādo Āmā): Shoulderpads and kneepads.


  • Xio Devizer: A multi-use device that all Xio personnel carry. It can be used to communicate with other members. It can also be used to scan the data in Cyber Cards and be used to analyze monsters.
  • Xio Bazooka (ジオバズーカ Jio Bazūka): A large bazooka that deals a significant level of damage, however it is shown to be of little use against monsters. It can load the power of a Cyber Card, increasing its effectivity.
  • Xio Blaster (ジオブラスター Jio Burasutā): A ray gun that Xio personnel use in combat. It can also be used as a tranquilizer gun.
    • Ultlaser (ウルトライザー Urutoraizā): By attaching the Ultra Booster (ウルトラブースター Urutora Būsutā) to the tip of the Xio Blaster. Doctor Gourman made this combination after analyzing the power of Ultraman X.
  • Cyber Cards: Cards created to contain Cyber Kaiju. They were made based on the data of Spark Dolls, collected by Xio when the team managed to defeat a monster.

Spark Dolls in Possession


Xio uses a selection of land and air-based vehicles called Musketty Systems for missions.

Classification Systems


Xio has a monster classification system that they use to identify monsters:

  • Type A (タイプA Taipu Ē): For aliens.
  • Type B (タイプB Taipu Bī): For avians and bird-like creatures.
  • Type G (タイプG Taipu Jī): For bipedal creatures. The name of the category is derived from Gomora.
  • Type M (タイプM Taipu Emu): For metallic entities and robots.
  • Type I (タイプI Taipu Ai): For insect-like monsters.
  • Type F (タイプF Taipu Efu): For fish-like creatures.
  • Type U (タイプU Taipu Yū): For Ultra Heroes.
  • Type H (タイプH Taipu Eichi): For Non-Ultra Heroes.


  • Phase 1 (フェイズ1 Feizu 1): Situation normal.
  • Phase 2 (フェイズ2 Feizu 2): Possibility of monsters appearing and causing disaster.
  • Phase 3 (フェイズ3 Feizu 3): Monster has appeared.
  • Phase 4 (フェイズ4 Feizu 4): Monster is in the city.
  • Phase 5 (フェイズ5 Feizu 5): The country/world/universe is in danger.
  • Phase 6 (フェイズ6 Feizu 6): The final phase.



  • The word Xio comes from the Portuguese for "Ready for Battle".
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