"Ultraman X, now Unite!"
"X, United!

―Transformation announcement

The X Devizer (エクスデバイザー Ekkusu Debaizā) is the transformation item used by Ultraman X's human host, Daichi Ozora, in Ultraman X. Originally the Xio Devizer used by Xio members, Daichi's bond with Ultraman X turned it into the aforementioned object.


Ultraman X

The transformed Xio Devizer of Daichi, it transformed when X first called on Daichi, changing to protect him from Demaaga. Ever since then, X inhabited the gadget and allows Daichi to transform into him when needed.


  • Transformation: By scanning the Ultraman X Spark Doll, Daichi can Unite into Ultraman X.
  • MonsArmor: By scanning Cyber Cards, Daichi can arm Ultraman X with said monster's arsenals.
  • Gao Dection (ガオディクション Gao Dikushon): The original function of Xio Devizer, it allows Daichi to scan a Spark Doll's emotion. This can also works even just by scanning a monster's loud roar.
  • Cyber Card loading: Also the Xio Devizer's original function, X Devizer can load a Cyber Card to materialize them to real life, though said process is currently unavailable due to still in development.
  • Realize (リアライズ Riaraizu): By scanning a Cyber Kaiju's card, it will turn into a Spark Doll and for the user to materialize it to real life.
  • Current Absorption: The X Devizer is able to suck in strong electrical currents.

Quotes (voice by Hibiku Yamamura)

  • "Ultraman X, now Unite! X, United." (ウルトラマンエックスと, ユナイトします! エックス, ユナイテッド. Urutoraman Ekkusu to, Yunaito Shimasu! Ekkusu, Yunaiteddo.) - Voice announcement when scanning Ultraman X's Spark Doll.
  • "Analysing <...Spark Doll name...>" (<...Spark Doll name...>解析 <...Spark Doll name...>Kaiseki) - Voice announcement when scanning Spark Doll.
    • "Activating Gao Dection, analysing <...Spark Doll...>, analysis completed!" (ガオディクション起動します, <...Spark Doll...>解析中, 解析完了しました! Gao Dikushion Kido Shimasu, <...Spark Doll...>Kaisekishu, Kaiseki Kanryo Shimashita!) - Scanning the Spark Doll's Gaodiction.
  • "<...Cyber Card name...>, now Load!" (<...Cyber Card name...>, ロードします! <...Cyber Card name...>, Rōdo Shimasu!) - Voice announcement when scanning a Cyber Card.
    • "<...Cyber Card name...>, now Load! <...Cyber Card...> Armor, Active!" (<...Cyber Card name...>, ロードします! <...Cyber Card...>アーマー, アクティブ! <...Cyber Card name...>, Rōdo Shimasu! <...Cyber Card...> Āmā, Akutibu!) - Voice announcement when utilizing MonsArmor.



  • The X Devizer is unique in that its creation took place on screen. All previous transformation devices (save Esplender) were created before their initial appearance.
  • Of all the voiced transformation devices (the Spark Devices and the Victory Lancer), the X Devizer is the first one with a female voice.
  • Keeping with the MonsArmor themes being based on Digimon species from the Digimon franchise, the X Devizer is likely based on D-Techtors (ja:D-Scanners) from Digimon Frontier, where both items are originally regular communicator devices (Xio Devizer for X, cellphones for Frontier) until they are upgraded to contain the warrior the user would turn into.
  • Due to a design flaw in the toy for the X Devizer, certain Spark Dolls cannot be scanned. Among them are Dinosaur Tank, Twin Tail, and Tsurugi Demaaga.
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