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"XIG Fighters, Get Glory"

―Commander Akio Ishimuro's send-off words

XIG (eXpanded Interceptive Guardians) is an Earth defense team under the command of GUARD.

XIG is led by Commander Akio Ishimuro and headquartered in the Aerial Base, a hovering sky fortress. XIG utilizes the Repulsor Lift technology, invented by Gamu Takayama, to allow their base and mecha defy gravity and make maneuvers that are considered impossible for normal aircraft.


XIG Logo

XIG is the largest and most specialized defense unit of any in the Ultraman Series thus far, consisting of an Operation Crew, three Fighter Teams, and three Expert Teams (land, sea, rescue). Each Team has its own vehicles, a customized patch sewn on the left upper arm of the uniform, equipment, and gear.


XIG was formed under GUARD at the behest of the Alchemy Stars after they predicted a time of Calamity connected to something called the Radical Destruction Bringer. While unable to ascertain the identity of this entity or phenomenon, they were able to figure out that the Earth and its people would be targeted by outside interference that sought the end of mankind.

The network of young geniuses came together and developed the advanced technologies XIG would use to battle against the Radical Destruction Bringer and its minions.


Aerial Base

Aerial Base

Main article: Aerial Base

The Airborne Carrier Base "Aerial Base" (空中母艦基地「エリアル・ベース」 Kūchū Bokan Kichi Eriaru Bēsu) was an airborne fortress operated by GUARD and XIG. It was the home of XIG and was the first line of defense against the Radical Destruction Bringer.

Geo Base

Geo Base

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The Geo Base (ジオベース Jio Bēsu) is a facility which acted as the center operations for GUARD Japan. It served as the temporary base for XIG after the Aerial Base's destruction.

Aerial Base 2

Main article: Aerial Base II

After the final battle against Zog, GUARD proceeded to build a new Aerial Base. The Aerial Base 2, upon its completion, would become XIG's new headquarters and reestablish GUARD's first line of defense.


Operation Crew

  • Gamu Takayama (高山 我夢 Takayama Gamu): 20 years old, Gamu is a member of the Alchemy Stars whom insisted in joining XIG. He became the analyzer for XIG, actively providing analysis and solutions for the crew.
  • Akio Ishimuro (石室 章雄 Ishimuro Akio): 45 years old, Ishimuro is the chief commander of XIG and is referred to as the “Commander”. He was secretly aware of Gamu's alter-ego as Ultraman Gaia.
  • Seiichiro Tsutsumi (堤 誠一郎 Tsutsumi Seiichirō): 33 years old, Tsutsumi is the field commander of XIG and is referred to as the “Chief”. He was a former Lieutenant Colonel of the Air Defense Force and was considered the best strategist at the time.
  • Atsuko Sasaki (佐々木 敦子 Sasaki Atsuko): 21 years old, she is one of the operators of XIG's Operation Crew. Initially, she had a favor with Kaijo from Team Lightning, but had given up after realizing that he had developed feelings for her sister. Although Atsuko would sometimes care for Gamu, she never developed special feelings for him. However, Atsuko had twice broken her pens out of jealousy when she sensed Gamu holding hands with another girl. She had a horrible childhood where she was always isolated. She would often find solace in arcade games. Though, her experience in games surprisingly helped her when the Crisis Ghost Virus invaded the Aerial Base.
  • Georgie Leland (ジョジー・リーランド Jōjī Rīrando): 20 years old, Georgie is an American operator of XIG's Operation Crew. She is Atsuko's friend and is known for her cheerful personality.
  • Saika Ukai (鵜飼 彩香 Ukai Saika): 20 years old, she is the third and part-time operator of XIG's Operation Crew. Ukai's uniform is slightly different compared to Atsuko and Georgie's, in which she wears white long sleeves instead of yellow. She is not easily startled, and can remain unfazed to revolting things such as cockroaches.

Team Lighting

An elite fighter team comprised of young ace pilots. They are considered the "Top Gun pilots of the Defense Force" by Staff Officer Chiba. Despite being XIG's best fighter pilots, their gun shooting skills and physical endurance are lacking. Team Lightning's helmets are plain white.

  • Katsumi Kajio (梶尾 克美 Kajio Katsumi): 24 years old, he is the leader of Team Lightning. He was the top gun within the Defense Force and was transferred to join XIG. He has a high sense of pride and is confident in his piloting skills. At first, he opposed the idea of Gamu, who was an amateur, joining XIG. He treated Gamu like a child, and did not listen to his advice during battle. He gradually accepted and treated Gamu as a fellow comrade. Kaijo is surprisingly terrible at socializing. He later developed a relationship with Atsuko's sister, Ritsuko.
  • Yasushi Kitada (北田 靖 Kitada Yasushi): 23 years old, he is the second pilot of the team. He would often provide tactical advice to Kajio.
  • Satoshi Ogawara (大河原 聡志 Ōgawara Satoshi): 25 years old, he is the third pilot of the team. Though older than Kajio, he has great respect towards him. He also has faith in Ultraman Gaia for saving him from Mezard. However, this later became a weakness when he confused an imitation of Ultraman Gaia for the real one.

Team Falcon

A fighter team comprised of veteran pilots. Their helmets have gray patches with yellow outlines.

  • Tatsuhiko Yoneda (米田 達彦 Yoneda Tatsuhiko): 34 years old, he is the leader of the team. He is a highly-respected leader within Team Falcon. As a former Defense Force Top Gun pilot, Chief Tsutsumi puts great trust in him. However, Yoneda believes that they should think more about the generations after them, such as the pilots of Team Lightning. He developed a relationship with Kei Tadano, the third pilot of Team Crow.
  • Koichi Hayashi (林 幸市 Hayashi Kōichi): 33-year-old, he is the second pilot of the team. He was a senior to Kajio when they were based in the Hokkaido branch of the Defense Force. When he was younger, he was similar to Kajio. During a training exercise, he too almost crash landed due to a blackout. The crisis was averted when Yoneda came in and saved his life. He has been a follower of Yoneda ever since, and volunteered to join XIG.
  • Toru Tsukamori (塚守 亨 Tsukamori Tōru): 32 years old, he is the third pilot of the team. He was the first pilot from Blue Impulse to experiment on flight tactics, and his flight time was much longer than that of other pilots his age. He is a calm person, and would sometimes take on the role of stopping Hayashi from getting into trouble. However, he has moments of self-destructive impulses in which he struggles with, and has a strong will to overcome them.

Team Crow

A fighter team comprising entirely of female pilots who like rock music. Their helmets are painted with red patches.

  • Miho Inagi (稲城 美穂 Inagi Miho): 26 years old, she is the leader of the team. She is known for being the first female to pilot a F-2 jet. She has a confident personality.
  • Juri Mishima (三島 樹莉 Mishima Juri): 24 years old, she is the second pilot of the team. She is known for her Hiroshima dialect. As part of an international project, Juri was involved in the development of the Fighters as a test pilot.
  • Kei Tadano (多田野 慧 Tadano Kei): 22 years old, she is the third pilot of the team. Kei and Falcon Leader Yoneda developed feeling for one another, in which at one point Kei was temporarily given the Team Falcon badge as a memento in case Yoneda was killed in action.

Team Hercules

XIG's expert land assault team. They are often seen in the body training room (gym) on the Aerial Base. They also wear plain white helmets.

  • Satoru Yoshida (吉田 悟 Yoshida Satoru): 30 years old, he is the leader of the team. Although he appears to be the forceful type, he has a thoughtful side. He is an expert in land combat, having been trained by the Defense Force. Despite his strong first impression, he is also a romantic with a great interest in extinct animals. He is married and has three children.
  • Takanobu Kuwabara (桑原 孝信 Kuwabara Takanobu): 28 years old, he is the second member of the team. He is a mechanic who knows a lot about weapons. He is a reserved, steady, and mild-mannered character who follows up on the other two. He has a cousin who, a professional wrestler, looks exactly like him.
  • Mitsugu Shima (志摩 貢 Shima Mitsugu): 35 years old, he is the third member of the team. He has an open-minded and pure-hearted personality. He is skilled in all types of martial arts, and is a strong karate fighter. He tends to call Gamu "Chewing Gamu (Gum)".

Team Seagull

XIG's search and rescue team. They wear plain white helmets, and their respective numbers are in navy blue.

  • Atsushi Koyama (神山 篤志 Kōyama Atsushi): 28 years old, he is the leader of the team. Koyama has worked in rescue missions since he was 18 years old. He mentors his teammate Renji Matsuo, and teaches that amid the high-stress environment of a rescue mission, there is also joy. Atsushi is also the pilot of the Peace Carry, and his flying skills are on par with the members of the Fighter Teams.
  • Renji Matsuo (松尾 蓮二 Matsuo Renji): 25 years old, he is the second member of the team. A former nurse, he joined the XIG when he became interested in rescuing people.
  • Michael Simmons (マイクル・シモンズ Maikuru Shimonzu): 27 years old, he is the third member of the team. Born in Denver, Colorado, USA, he was a helicopter pilot in the US Mountain Rescue Team. He has a cheerful personality and is curious in the Japanese culture. He mainly provides logistical support, such as piloting the Seagull Floater.

Team Marlin

A team of marine specialists. They wear a navy cap and have their uniform shoulder pads in cobalt blue instead of the regular yellow.

  • Katsutoshi Yokotani (横谷 勝歳 Yokotani Katsutoshi): 28 years old, he is the leader of the team. He is calm and honest. He is also a submarine design engineer, and is skilled in boat handling techniques. As a boat operator, he has been involved in many maritime projects in various countries, and was involved in the design of the Siren 7500.
  • Gentaro Imai (今井 源太郎 Imai Gentarō): 25 years old, he is the second member of the team. He wears glasses and has a mild-mannered personality. He was a marine biologist and geologist from the Marine Defense Center.
  • Kingo Iwao (巌 均悟 Iwao Kingo): 32 years old, he is the third member of the team. He is usually energetic, but quiet when on duty. He was a crew member of a small civilian submarine, and was recruited by Yokotani for his achievements.



  • XIG Converts (XIGコンバーツ Shigu Konbātsu): Standard operating uniforms for XIG members.
  • XIG Met (XIGメット Shigu Metto): A helmet with built-in high performance digital camera. Despite being lightweight, the helmet is very durable. Depending on the team, each have different color schemes.


  • Jector Gun (ジェクターガン Jekutā Gan): A high performance laser gun which fires different HYPOP ammunitions, including heat ray and anesthesia.
  • XIG Vulcan (XIGバルカン Shigu Barukan): A "though weapon" which can fire destructive energy bullets by simultaneously loading three HYPOP bullets. As it is a heavy equipment, Team Hercules frequently using the weapon.
  • XIG-NAVI: A small high-performance computer worn on the left wrist. Although possessing various functions, it was mainly used for communication. In Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA, Gamu can also warp himself with a Repulsor Lift bubble to escape.
  • Mobile Machine (モバイルマシン Mobairu Mashin): Gamu's handmade personal high performance mobile, which allows him to use the line freely.


XIG deploys different mecha depending on the mission at hand. Most of XIG's mecha are stored as hexagonal 'Container Vehicles' (also known as ‘Container Mecha’), which are transported to the battleground and airdropped by Peace Carry. Fighter mecha are also able to launch directly from the Aerial Base's three Chamber Launch Gates.

  • Peace Carry: XIG's largest aircraft, which functions as a Container Mecha carrier if the operation place is faraway.
  • Container Mecha: Mecha used by XIG members, kept in a form of a 8-meter-long hexagonal container.
    • XIG Fighter: Multi-role fighters used by XIG’s elite pilots. The main types of fighters used by XIG are the SS team leader fighters, SG attack fighters, and EX commander-use fighters.
    • Seagull-Floater: A rescue and patrol VTOL craft mainly piloted by Team Seagull to save civilians via thermal detector.
    • MLRS-Bison: An armored combat buggy which is used by Team Hercules.
    • GBT-Stinger: A high performance battle tank piloted by Team Hercules.
    • Seagull-Fantop: A terrestrial rescue vehicle driven by Team Seagull for ground-based rescue missions.
    • Siren 7500: A compact universal submarine operated by Team Marlin.
  • Bermann: A multi-purpose sedan with laser guns mounted on top.
  • Dove-Liner: A transport vehicle which ferries personnel to and from the Geo Base and the Aerial Base.
  • XIG Adventure: An inter-dimensional travel vehicle which is able to transform into an assault robot with monkey-like electrified arms.



  • Currently, XIG has the most members out of all of the defense teams in the Ultraman Series (24 members in total).
  • During the early planning stages, XIG was originally called DOG. Combining with its parent organization, it would have been read as GUARD DOG.[1]


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