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Wrath of the Emperor (怪獣帝王の怒り Kaijū teiō no ikari lit. Anger of the Monster Emperor) is the twenty-ninth episode of Ultraman 80.


In a village, a legend has it that a monster will awaken that year. Hoping for tourist revenue, the leader makes a large fuss over it. But what if the monster is real?


In a village in the mountains, a prophecy has it that a monster will awaken that year. The village leader gets together two men as a "monster task force" to search for the monster. However, the reason for this is that the chief wants to attract tourists. They name the monster Cathy after their village, Kiya Valley.

UGM investigates, but finds no trace of the monster. However, gas eruptions, formerly infrequent, have been happening every three days. A monster tour arrives at the village, including Yamakawa, a man from a travel agency, and a female university instructor named Tomoe.

To fool the tourists, a record of a monster roar is played in the woods. The tourists set out while another earthquake strikes. As the place has the most frequent earthquakes in 300 years, the cliffs begin to collapse. Just then, Cathy emerges. UGM is alerted. Yamakawa's company tries to capture the kaiju, angering it.

UGM arrives and attacks, but the monster is too strong for their weapons. Using Cathy's similarity to Ghostron as a reference, they find no weaknesses, but discover the monster needs to eat meat to keep up its energy. They are, however, unable to distract it from the tourists. Just when the monster is about to eat them, Takeshi transforms.

The two giants battle, Cathy even trying to eat 80. Luckily his energy runs low so the kaiju can only breath smoke instead of fire. Suddenly, the monster sits down rubbing its stomach. 80 comforts it, and then carries it off to a place it would never be found, where it goes to sleep.



  • Village Leader: Minami Toshiaki (南利明 Minami Toshiaki)
  • Monster Task Force captain: Keiroku Seki (関敬六 Seki Keiroku)
  • Task Forcer: Shigeru Tsuji (辻シゲル Tsuji Shigeru)
  • Yamakawa: Ryoichi Tamagawa (玉川良一 Tamagawa Ryōichi)
  • Tomoe: Miyuki Kojima (児島美ゆき Kojima Miyuki)




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  • Ultraman 80 Volume 8 features episodes 29-32.
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