World of Ultraman Gaia (ウルトラマンガイアのワールド Urutoraman Gaia no Wārudo) is the universe where Ultraman Gaia takes place.

About 500 years ago


  • Alchemy Stars student Hiroya Fujimiya creates the CRISIS computer to predict Earth's future disasters, to over come the Radical Destruction Bringer.
  • CRISIS predicts that mankind will be the cause of the Earth's destruction, causing Hiroya, to shelter himself and try and contact the will of the Earth.
  • Hiroya Fujimiya makes contact with the light of the Sea, beginning his downward spiral towards humanity.


  • Gamu Takayama makes contact with the spirit of Ultraman.
  • C.O.V. lands on Earth, fulfilling Kijuro Mato's predictions. And the initiation of XIG is allowed to commence.
  • Zoruim appears causes by clash power of both Ultramen.
  • Ultraman Gaia fought many monsters during the series' run.
  • Radical Destruction Bringer's most powerful minion, Zogu, sends their first agent as a decoy to destroy Ultraman.
  • Zogu's ally, Shinigami, launches the first phase of the Radical Destruction Bringer's Earth destruction plan by sending Mokian to destroy XIG's Aerial Base.
  • Second phase attack by covering the Earth by Dobishi to weaken the Earth guardians.
  • Final phase attack happens when Zogu herself appears and defeat both Ultramen. Earth monster unison to fight Dobishi swarm and helping XIG to revive Gaia and Agul.
  • Zogu finally being defeated and ending the threat of Radical Destruction Bringer. Earth regains peace.



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