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The World of Neo Frontier Space (ネオフロンティアスペースのワールド Neo Furontia Supēsu no Wārudo) is the universe where Ultraman Tiga and Ultraman Dyna took place.

30,000,000 years ago

  • There is an ancient human civilization on Earth, protected by the Ultra-Ancient Giants. Among the threats are the Kilaliens, who desire control over mankind but are stopped by the Ultras.
    • A civil war between the Ultras breaks out, most likely due to the machinations of the Giants of Darkness. Numerous giants are left as stones.
    • During this conflict Tiga falls in love with the original Yuzare. He turns to the side of good, ultimately resulting in his former companions being sealed away. Tiga then becomes a protector.
    • Humanity falls victim to the spores of the Gijera plant. Refusing to overturn the humans' free will, the remaining Ultras leave, leaving behind stone replicas of themselves. Tiga's statue is left in the Golden Pyramid with two others.
    • With their protectors gone, mankind is left defenseless against the onslaught of Kaiju, particularly the Zoiger and their master Gatanothor.

5,000 years ago



  • An ancient ruin is discovered on the far side of the Moon.


  • Commence of global observation in SET (Signals of Extra-Terrestrials).


  • A UFO crash lands in Asia. Alien life form is captured, frozen and transferred to a certain country’s air force base in Asia.


  • At the request of the United Nations, a SET analysis team is formed in Brazil.


  • Multiple natural phenomenon catastrophic events take place on a global scale.


  • Hokkaido Energy Research and Development Center Director Nezu Masachika invents the liquid gas “Zelda Gas”. Due to its dangerous nature, the gas is seized by the (old) Defense Force.


  • The air force base storing the frozen alien life form comes under attack by UFOs.


  • Construction of the United Nations Defense Force Japan Branch, Maritime Headquarters (commonly known as the Dive Hangar) is finished.


  • TPC is founded by Souichiro Sawai during his time as the secretary general of the United Nations.
  • Ownership of the Far East Branch Base Dive Hangar is transferred to the TPC and becomes its headquarters. Originally a military base, the Dive Hangar is repurposed to fit the TPC's requirements.
  • The test pilot of the Plasma Type 100, Kazuma Asuka, goes missing during a Zero Drive experiment.


2007-2010 (2049 in 4Kids Dub)

  • TPC recovers a time capsule and transfers it to GUTS for inspection. The time capsule contains a holographic message from Yuzare, warning them about Golza and Melba who are headed towards the three statues in a pyramid.
    • Daigo, one of the members of GUTS, witnesses Golza and Melba destroying two of the statues. He tries to protect the statue of Tiga but is shot down by Melba. He turns into light and is absorbed into the statue, awakening and giving life to Tiga. Tiga defeats Golza and Melba. Daigo is given the Sparklence to turn into the giant at anytime to fight evil monsters and aliens.
  • Darkness returns and resumes its domination of Earth.
    • Tiga stops Gijera, a servant of the Darkness, from unleashing its maddening pollen on mankind.
    • Tiga faces Zoiger, a servant of Gatanothor, and defeats it with difficulty.
    • During his fight against Gatanothor, Tiga is defeated and turns back into stone. The giant is revived again through the Light of the children around the world. Tiga transforms into Glitter Tiga and defeats the Kaiju. Tiga and the Sparklence disintegrate soon after the battle.
  • Seiji Miyata participates in the first testing of the Neo-Maxima navigation system.


  • Development of New Maxima Drive-powered space warships and mobile bases commences.
    • The Artdessei is modernized.



  • Daigo and Rena move to Mars and live peacefully there.


  • Construction of the General Headquarters (commonly known as the Grandome) is finished.
  • GUTS is disbanded and replaced by Super GUTS.
  • "Neo Frontier Project" is officially announced.
  • To fully welcome the Project and a turn of a new era, the TPC logomark is replaced with a new one.
  • The Dive Hangar is repurposed into the Air Command Headquarters.
  • Mobile Base Clarkov NF-3000 enters service.
  • Dr. Akizuki, former teacher of Kariya, discovers a Zenekindarl cloning machine.


  • Humankind begins the terraformation of Mars and other planets in what is known as the "Neo Frontier Era".
  • September 6th, 2017: Shin Asuka officially joins Super GUTS.
    • The alien life form known as the Spheres appear before humanity for the first time and begins attacking the Mars base.
    • Asuka becomes Ultraman Dyna for the first time.
  • Super GUTS encounters Hanejiro and recruits it as a mascot.
  • The events of Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna: Warriors of the Star of Light take place.
  • Hanejiro returns to the Alien Fabiras and joins them on their nomadic journey in search of a new home planet.
  • The events of Ultraman Dyna: The Return of Hanejiro take place.
  • July 7th, 2020: Asuka honors the 15th anniversary of the disappearence of his father.
  • July 8th, 2020: Asuka and Ryo are captured by Gondo Kihachi at the Mars base.
    • Gondo extracts the light energy within Asuka to mobilize his artificial Ultraman, Terranoid.
      • Terranoid is corrupted by the Spheres and transformed into Zeluganoid.
      • Ultraman Dyna defeats Zeluganoid. Asuka is rescued by Daigo.
    • Gransphere emerges and swallows Pluto before continuing its path of destruction across the Solar System.
    • Asuka sacrifices himself to save the Solar System from Gransphere and gets pulled into the wormhole. Asuka reunites with his father and together they travel towards the light.



  • Events of Ultraman Saga take place. Asuka contacts Super GUTS while traveling to an unknown destination, informing them that Nozomu Taiga is alive and well. Ryo promises Asuka that they will catch up to him one day, and Asuka smiles, giving a thumbs up, saying that he will be waiting for them before continuing his journey through space.