Wooser (うーさー Ūsā) is a Japanese mascot and the star of his own series. The third season of his series features him meeting face-to-face with the Ultimate Force Zero while he reappeared in episode 12 of Kaiju Sakaba Kanpai!.


In his series, Wooser is described to be a NEET rabbit-like alien (though several episodes indicated his work as a manga artist) whom likes meat, money and younger women (especially those in high school uniform) despite his innocent outlook.

Crossovers with the characters of Ultra Series

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Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life: Mugen-hen

In the first episode of the third season, which takes place after the last episode of season 2, Wooser survives from his fight with an alien armada. But in the aftermath of the battle, he and his mecha robot left stranded in space, until he finds himself in a luminous light, where Ultraman Zero (accompanied by the UFZ), encourages him and thus helping Wooser to return to Earth. Zero makes his appearance again as a poster in Wooser's room and again as action figures alongside his UFZ teammates.

Kaiju Sakaba Kanpai!

In episode 12, Wooser can be seen as one of the customers in Zetton's restaurant.



  • Wooser's voice actor, Mamoru Miyano is also coincidentally Ultraman Zero's voice actor. In tribute to his voice actor, Wooser has made multiple parodies regarding past roles that his voice actor voices in other anime series.
  • A mascot himself, Wooser had made several cameo appearances in other short anime series other than Kaiju Sakaba Kanpai! like Miss Monochrome and others.
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