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Woo (ウー Ū) is a strange supernatural Kaiju that watched over the snow capped Phantom Mountain, seemingly protecting an orphan girl. After several attempts were made at the girl's life, Woo began to rampage about the mountain and Ultraman intervened. Woo only stopped after the orphan girl succumbed to the cold after being chased by local huntsmen.

A second Woo, this time representing the spirit of a young girl's deceased father, emerged in the mountains of Japan to fight the Terrible-Monster Iceron several years later. Though Iceron proved too strong for him, Woo II's fight wasn't for nothing, as it gave Ultraman Ace a chance to step in and finish the fight.

Subtitle: Legend Monster (伝説怪獣 Densetsu Kaijū)



Woo's name is derived from a previous Tsuburaya project.


Woo is based upon the Yuki-Onna Yokai of Japanese folklore. Her overall design resembles the yeti.



Ultraman vs Woo

Named such for its never-ending white coat of snow, Phantom Mountain was the home of a unique legend. It was said a furry creature, Woo, watched over the land and protected a mysterious young girl named Yuki after her mother and former guardian died. When the girl was threatened, the monster would appear, warding off any hunters that scared her. Sightings of the monster began to grow more numerous, thus the Science Patrol was called in. Soon the creature appeared near the ski resort! A lone hunter shot it repeatedly, but before the monster could retaliate, Yuki begged it to leave. The creature did as it was told and left as mysteriously as it had arrived, but now a full hunt was on for not just the beast, but also the girl that could control it! The Science Patrol managed to discover the furry monster just as a group of hunters gave chase after the girl. Pummeling the beast with rockets, the patrol couldn’t destroy Woo, and the beast forced their VTOL down.

Enraged at both its attack and the hunting of Yuki, Woo attacked the resort! Resting with a twisted ankle, Hayata saw the creature coming and transformed into Ultraman. The hero challenged Woo and the two quickly engaged in combat, trading blows one after another. As the war raged, however, the injured Yuki finally collapsed in the snow. The chase had drained her and the cold was sending her into hypothermia. As Ultraman watched on, Woo began to vanish as the life faded away from Yuki. Once her heart stopped beating, the strange monster disappeared entirely. Phantom of the Snow Mountains


  • Suit actor: Kunio Suzuki
  • Woo's roar is King Kong's at a lower pitch.
  • Woo's roar would later be used for Alien Tsuruk in his large form and Zaragas.
  • Woo is one of the monsters that appears as a picture on the wall of Yuriko's room in episode 18 of The☆Ultraman.
  • Woo is one of the monsters that makes up Belyudra's body in Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie.
  • Woo was one of the the two monsters that were decided to be wished for in Ultraman 80 but the other kids thought that the Kaiju was lame.
  • A toy of Woo appears in several episodes of Ultraman Mebius.
  • For some reason, Woo's eyelids close from side to side.
  • Woo's suit appears in Ultraman Leo episode 9 as part of the Monster Corps Show.
  • After Woo's episode aired, Woo appeared at the same ski resort to promote it.

Ultraman Ace

Woo in Ultraman Ace

Woo reappears in episode 42 of Ultraman Ace, as Woo II (ウー(二代目) Ū (Nidaime)).

With a new mountain-dwelling monster named Iceron on the loose, attacking TAC and threatening several locals, one such individual, a small girl, manages to summon a second Woo, who was the ghost of the girl's late father.

Woo battled with Iceron, but was quickly beaten and sent tumbling down a mountain valley. Unable to fight further, Ultraman Ace stepped in to save the Kaiju and finish off Iceron. Despite the rather dramatic nature of his defeat, Woo II turned out to have survived after Ace defeated Iceron, and disappeared into the mist. Winter of Horror Series - Mystery! The Resurrection of the Monster Woo

Revive! Ultraman

Woo is one of the monsters revived along with the rest of the four monsters. Later she faced one of the Ultraman clones via Ultraman's new ability. After a short battle, the monster was not seen again, leaving her fate uncertain (Woo was probably defeated offscreen). Revive! Ultraman



Generation I

  • Height: 40 m
  • Weight: Weightless
  • Origin: Valley of Niigata Idasan
  • Weakness: Woo's life force is connected to Yuki's. Should Yuki die, Woo will vanish into thin air.
Powers and Weapons
  • None

Woo II

Generation II

  • Height: 57 m
  • Weight: Weightless
  • Origin: Valley of Idatoge
Powers and Weapons
  • None

Other Media


Woo in Chibira.png

Woo appeared a few times in Chibira-kun.

Ultra Fight

Woo in Ultra Fight

  • In episode 72, Woo fought Ultraseven in a brutal brawl in a canyon which went on for quite a while with both sides evenly matched with each other until the Ultra punched the Kaiju until he became unconscious.
  • Woo reappeared in episode 79 where he climbed up a mountain, met up with Eleking, and fought him. While Eleking proved to be a capable fighter, Woo ultimately won when he grabbed Eleking by the tail while he was down and then threw him down the mountain and rolling down the mountain made him unconscious.
  • In episode 80, Woo fought Alien Icarus on some hills and the two of them were evenly matched in combat for quite a while until Icarus came out on the winner by kicking Woo down so hard, he was knocked out after a few moments.
  • Woo reappeared in episode 82, where he fought Agira who charged at him, and forced him to roll down the hill. Afterwards, Agira held the upper hand in the fight at first, but then Woo turned the fight in his favor and beat him so hard, even though Agira did his best to hold his own, he forced him to retreat.
  • In episode 83, Woo fought Alien Guts in the rain and after a long, evenly matched fight, Woo dominated over Guts and eventually defeated him, leaving the alien exhausted and lying in a big puddle.
  • Woo reappeared in episode 84, where he was walking along a canyon when he was visited by Alien Baltan in which they fought each other. As their fight progressed, Baltan used his powers to keep Woo at bay and trick him into seeing multiples just like a fly, which left him dizzy and disoriented. Baltan won the fight later on by jabbing him with his pincers until he gave up after teleporting to a new location and flew away satisfied.
  • In episode 85, Woo fought Telesdon at the hills and after a long, evenly matched fight, Woo defeated Telesdon and knocked him out cold.
  • Woo reappeared in episode 86, where he chased after Alien Godola and after he caught up with him, he pulled him down and fought the alien, who proved to be a very capable fighter. After the long fight, even though Woo put up a good fight, he lost when Godola pushed him off the edge of a hill, leaving Woo unconscious.
  • In episode 94, Woo confronted Alien Guts again while he was walking through the canyon. The two of them duked it out, whereas they were evenly matched with other in terms of wrestling and light attacks. Eventually, Guts grabbed onto the Kaiju while he was down and didn't let go until the latter collapsed from exhaustion, giving the alien the win.
  • Woo reappeared in episode 95, Woo was fighting Ultraseven in a canyon like place. The fought for some time until Seven killed Woo,then Seven had to fight Alien Godola.
  • Woo reappeared in episode 116, where he went up against Keronia and spent their fight grabbing and throwing each other for the most part after they rolled down a hill together. Their fight went on for quite a while but Woo ended up the winner when he grabbed Keronia by the lags, dragged him across the ground and then threw him off a cliff.
  • In episode 117, Woo surprised Seabozu as he was walking down the mountain he was on and then decided to fight each other. Their evenly matched took them to a ditch and spent most of their time grappling and punching each other and their fight eventually ended when Seabozu took Woo's head and slammed it against a rock, knocking him out in the process.
  • Woo reappeared in episode 121, where he fought Seabozu again in a ditch and were on even terms. When Ultraseven showed up to stop the fight, he spent most of his time fighting Woo due to him wanting to fight him for interfering. Seabozu then helped his fellow Kaiju out and once again they were no match for the Ultra, even though they outnumbered him. Seven ended up knocking out Woo by punching him hard in the face.
  • In episode 124, Woo showed up in a flashy entrance and decided to fight Seabozu after he defeated Keronia. Seabozu gained the upper hand over Woo, but his battle with Keronia resulted in him losing his energy, and allowed Woo to finish off Seabozu by throwing him to the ground and then pinning him down.
  • Woo reappeared in episode 125, where he was seen grabbling with Keylla and rolling on a beach and fought on even terms with each other for quite a while. When Ultraseven showed up, the two of them decided to team up to take him down. Despite outnumbering him, Seven managed to hold his ground against the Kaiju and defeated Woo after he defeated Keylla by kicking him in the head, knocking him out cold. He also ganged up on Alien Icarus alongside Seabozu and eventually beat him up until he passed out. The two Kaiju then turned their attention towards each other and were evenly matched with each other until Seabozu eventually came out on top by throwing him then punching him to death.
  • In episode 127, Woo brawled with Keronia and Alien Icarus, with no Kaiju having a specific target. They went on for quite a while with everyone being evenly matched with other and spending most of their time grappling each other and throwing them down. In the end, Woo defeated Keronia and he followed it up by defeating Alien Icarus.
  • Woo reappeared in episode 132, where he fought Ultraseven himself after he assaulted him from behind. The two were evenly matched in the fight, and when the Kaiju picked up a rock, he charged at Seven with it, only for the Ultra to jump up and dodge at the last minute, resulting in Woo getting knocked out instead.
  • In episode 135, Woo fought Alien Icarus and the two of them spent most of their fight grappling and throwing each other to the ground. While they were evenly matched in this fight, in the end, as Icarus was about to finish off Woo, the latter unexpectedly turned things around and ended up defeating the former.
  • Woo reappeared in episode 138, where he came across Eleking while he was sleeping and woke him up by throwing dirt at his face, and in return, Eleking struck him in the legs with his tail. They then proceeded to fight each other in a long, evenly matched fight which went on for a while until Woo emerged victorious by judo throwing Eleking to the ground.
  • In episode 139, Woo fought Seabozu for quite a while on even terms as they grappled with each other and both of them gained the upper hand at one point or another and Woo eventually became the winner after Seabozu collapsed from exhaustion.
  • Woo reappeared in episode 141, where he fought Alien Icarus and the two were evenly matched for quite a while. When Ultraseven showed up, the two agreed to team up to fight the Ultra. In the end, Woo got knocked out by a punch to the face before he took out Icarus.
  • In episode 144, Woo interrupted the fight between Eleking and Ultraseven and the former turned his attention towards him and after a long fight, Woo was knocked out by Eleking and was left to wallow there as Seven recovered from his wounds and defeated Woo's opponent soundly.
  • Woo reappeared in episode 145, where he walked in the mountains until he tripped over a sleeping Seabozu and fell into a river. The two then proceeded to fight each other for a while and were evenly matched for the time being. As their fight ended, Woo defeated Seabozu by knocking him out via a punch to the head. He then fought Ultraseven and they threw each other but then Woo lost when Seven striked him across the chest, then across the face, then easily pushed him down.
  • In episode 147, Woo huddled with Eleking, Alien Icarus, and Ultraseven, and they broke apart, they fought each other on even terms. Woo spent his time fighting Icarus and Seven and kept it that way at the end of the episode where all the fighters minus Seven brawled with each other.
  • Woo reappeared in episode 148, where he fought Seabozu with Eleking and Ultraseven watching. After the two were evenly matched for a while, Woo knocked out Seabozu and decided to move on to fighting Eleking. Ultraseven decided to turn it into a brawl while Eleking was winning. The two then teamed up against the Ultra and pushed him away after some solid coordination then went back to fighting each other until they were joined by Seabozu and Ultraseven once more.
  • In episode 150, Woo butted in on Alien Icarus and Seabozu's fight and forced the two of them to work together against him, who proved himself to be a worthy opponent. Their brawl only intensified with Seven's appearance and while Woo managed to hold his own, he was eventually defeated by Seven who knocked him out with a punch to the face and went unconscious after struggling for a while.
  • Woo reappeared in episode 153, where he took a walk in a field near a snowy mountain where he came across Alien Icarus and decided to fight each other wrestler style after squaring off. The two of them went at it for quite a while and even though Woo managed to put up a good fight, in the end, Icarus overpowered Woo and defeated him by knocking him down and beating him to unconsciousness.
  • In episode 154, Woo danced with Keylla until he accidentally stepped on his foot and made him fall down, provoking him to the point of attacking Woo when he tried to give him a helping hand up. Afterwards, the two proceeded to fight each other evenly which went on into the end of the episode with no clear winner.
  • Woo reappeared in episode 155, where he went up against Alien Goron and fought each other on even terms for quite a while in a style akin to wrestling and in the end, even though Goron managed to poke Woo in the eye, the latter bounced back fast and took down Goron by hitting him in the head so hard he got dizzy and left him vulnerable for Woo to pull on his legs while he was down until he gave up, giving Woo the win.
  • In episode 162, Woo initially appeared as a watcher and a referee for a fight between Alien Icarus and Keylla, but then he got involved in the fight when Icarus got a little punch happy and slugged Woo by accident. After a long, evenly matched fight, Woo got the two under control by knocking Icarus out first and then Keylla.
  • Woo reappeared in episode 163, where he was called out by Alien Goron alongside Alien Icarus and duked it out with the latter after the former broke up the first scuttle. While they fought each other, Alien Icarus and Woo proved to be pretty capable fighters as they were evenly matched in combat as they kept punching and throwing each other. In the end, however, Woo ended up getting knocked out by Goron via tackling him to the ground, with Icarus getting knocked out beforehand, leaving Goron the winner.
  • In episode 166, Woo witnessed Ultraseven defeating Alien Goron in a fight while playing tug-of-war at the same time in the snowy mountains. Afterwards, he engaged Ultraseven in a long fight which ended when Ultraseven choked Woo with the same rope he used to play tug-of-rope with Goron.
  • Woo reappeared in episode 167, where he clashed with both Alien Goron and Keylla once again in the snow. After an evenly matched fight, Woo knocked Keylla down for the moment and fought with Goron for a while until the latter threw down the former and afterwards, Keylla sat down on Woo. However, that didn't faze him for long as he used his remaining strength to trip his two opponents and emerge victorious.
  • In episode 168, Woo, alongside Alien Goron, Keylla, and Ultraseven, was walking around in a circle. When the Kaiju tripped and fell, Ultraseven picked a fight with Keylla and then all four of them fought each other in an evenly matched brawl with no clear winner.
  • Woo reappeared in episode 169, where he, alongside Alien Icarus and Keylla, played a game with Ultraseven which soon escalated into an all-out brawl between the four of them in which the majority of that fight was the three monsters against Seven. In the end, Woo was eventually knocked out by Keylla.
  • In episode 170, Woo, alongside Keylla, confronted Ultraseven in a field, but Keylla just stood by and let Woo take care of the Ultra himself. Woo put up a good fight against the Ultra but ended up losing. After Seven defeated Keylla in a fight, he knocked out Woo soon afterwards.
  • Woo reappeared In episode 176, where he was sleeping on the beach when he was inadvertently woken up by Alien Icarus when he tripped over him. Afterwards, the two proceeded to fight each other again with both sides evenly matched throughout the fight until Icarus emerged victorious when he punched Woo in the stomach twice then killed him by impaling him with his sword.
  • In episode 177, Woo went up against Eleking in a dark cave, with their evenly matched fight spilling blood all over the cave. As their fight went on, they decided to take their fight outside after they traded a lot of punches, grapples, and throws with each other, which eventually ended in a draw from the exhaustion and blood loss.
  • Woo reappeared in episode 178, where he spent the majority of it squaring off against Keylla with swords on the beach and both of them didn't make a move until the end where, after their swords clashes, Keylla defeated Woo with slash to the chest, resulting in him being knocked out cold.
  • In episode 179, Woo went up against Keylla at the beach and were evenly matched with each other as they kept gaining the upper hand over each other from time to time. They spent their fight grappling with each other as well was pushing, punching, throwing, and even throwing rocks. In the end, Woo defeated Keylla in a brutal fashion off-screen and his bloody corpse was seen at the beginning and the end of the episode, revealing the whole fight to have been a flashback.
  • Woo reappeared in episode 181, where he tried to have some fun in the sun with Alien Icarus on a beach with tombstones, but the alien kept socking him and the two of them eventually duked it out. After a long, evenly matched fight, Woo ended up knocking out Icarus by slashing at him with a sword.
  • In episode 185, Woo walked on a bridge with a walking stick and came across Keylla, who also had his walking stick with him. As their sticks clashed, the two of them began to clash by slapping each other in the face. Then, they rolled onto the beach and fought each other on even ground until Ultraseven showed up, broke up the fight, and then convinced the two monsters to walk away without any further conflict.
  • Woo reappeared in episode 187, where he and Alien Icarus appeared after they waited for Ultraseven in a dark, beach cave off screen and fought the Ultra together. Once again, while the two of them outnumbered the Ultra and proved to be worthy opponents , the latter held his own against the former and were evenly matched in combat until Seven beat them both and came out of the cave victoriously.
  • In episode 188, Woo met up with Keylla, whom was sitting on a stool eating apples, and tried to get his attention but failed. Frustrated, Woo resorted to knocking away the apple he was eating and pushing him off his stool. Even after all of that, Keylla didn't fight and ended up getting beaten to death by the raging Woo.
  • Woo reappeared in episode 190, where he teamed up with Alien Icarus as they snuck up on Ultraseven while he was asleep and attacked him, waking him up as a result. Seven then decided to deal with the two himself, and once again, while outnumbered, Seven kept up his guard and held his own against the two throughout the entire fight. As it ended, Seven defeated Woo by punching him in the face hard to knock him out while he was lying on the ground.
  • In episode 192, Woo was about to charge at Eleking at the beach but before they collided with each other, Ultraseven stopped them, which resulted in the two of them deciding to work together to stop him. And yet again, Seven held the upper hand against the two monsters despite being outnumbered. After defeating Eleking, Seven knocked out Woo with a kick to the face.
  • Woo reappeared in episode 195, where he teamed up with Eleking, Alien Baltan, Keylla, and Alien Icarus, for one last chance to take down Ultraseven with all combatants using wooden staffs as weapons. Despite the fact that the monsters outnumbered him five to one, the Ultra had the upper hand in the fight in terms of combat. After Seven took out Eleking, he took out Woo by countering his attack and then bashed him on the head with his wooden staff.
  • In episode 196, the final episode of the series, Woo was one of the many exhibits of the Kaiju defeated by Ultraman and Ultraseven. He came to life alongside Gomora and fought each other for a while and the former was losing against the former, but just as Gomora was about to finish off Woo, he vanished, and Woo was confused and exhausted so he passed out.


Woo in Redman

Woo first appeared in episode 19 of the 1972 Redman tokusatsu series where he got chased after he distracted Redman from chasing Kanegon and then the two monsters teleported behind the hero and fought him. They proved to be a worthy challenge for him but then the two ended up getting killed by impalement from the Red Arrow simultaneously.

Woo reappeared in episode 20 where he fought Redman on his own. He would've lost if Gomora didn't show up to help him. Together they managed to overpower the alien hero but he never gave up and eventually he killed them both with his Red Kick.

Woo reappeared in episode 21 where he fought Redman but got killed after being judo thrown by the alien hero, all the while being watched by the vengeful Gomora.

In episode 22, Woo reappeared and fought Alien Mefilas at first, but when Redman showed up, they decided to work together to fight the hero, and they had the advantage at first, but the hero never gave up and eventually he turned the tables against them and killed them both by throwing his Red Knifes at their chests.

Woo reappeared in episode 24 where he was running around until he heard Redman shout out "Red Fight" and decided to run away and teleport from him but his location was revealed as he threw his Red Knife at him. During their fight, Redman held the advantage against the monster and eventually won with his Red Chop.

In episode 64, Woo started out his fight with Redman at a beach by preventing himself from getting killed by his Red Arrow by catching it. He had Redman on the ropes when he threw it at him, resulting in the area being covering in smoke, fire, and sparks, but then the hero crossed and uncrossed his arms and the area was cleared out in seconds. The hero then caught up to the fleeing Kaiju and used his usual beatdown tactics against Woo. Even though he did manage to hold his own against him, the Kaiju eventually lost with one last judo throw to the ground, resulting in his death.

Woo reappeared in episode 72 where he ran down the sandy hill with Redman and then started to fight him.They both countered each other in their surprisingly evenly matched out fight by throwing and punching each other and the fight eventually came to an end when Redman summoned his Red Arrow and killed Woo by punctuating his chest with it.

Woo's final appearance on the show was in episode 76, where he teamed up with Garamon to take on Redman at a beach. Despite having the odds stacked against him, the alien hero held his own against both monsters with his judo prowess even with his Red Knife thrown out of his grip by the monsters. Woo was eventually defeated when the hero chopped him so hard he fell to the ground, with Garamon following pursuit. He then threw his Red Arrow at the monsters that exploded soon afterwards.


  • Since this series was incredibly low budget, sneakers were used for Woo's feet.

Ultraman Graffiti: Wild! Ultra Country

Woo appears as a character in the OVA Ultraman Graffiti: Wild! Ultra Country, however, the fur surrounding the monster has become long flowing hair. As such, her full body is shown, but wearing a bikini. She appears in the opening, walking by Ultraman, his two children and Gango, causing a small blizzard, acting as a YukiOnna of Japanese Mythology.

Woo became the love interest of the OVA's perverted Kanegon, despite being 'rich', the coin eating monster got no where, and it was up to the Ultraman family to make them see a romantic connection.

Ultraman Ball

Woo in Ultraman Ball

Woo appeared in the game, Ultraman Ball.



Ultra Fight

Ultraman Ace

Ultraman Ginga Theater Special: Ultra Monster ☆ Hero Battle Royale!


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