Withstand the Lightning Strike! (雷撃を跳ね返せ! Raigeki wo Hanekaese!) is the nineteenth episode of Ultraman Taiga.


Hiroyuki tries to leave EGIS because he thinks he is at fault for putting Homare in danger. Kana tries to persuade him otherwise, but a giant monster descends from a storm cloud.


Homare was injured from Kirisaki’s (Tregear) rampage. Hiroyuki felt responsible for this and ran away from EGIS. President of the EGIS, Kana showed up in front of Hiroyuki and expressed her thoughts and feelings towards EGIS. But suddenly, Thunderstroke Monster Gorothunder appeared and captured Kana! Can Taiga and Hiroyuki overcome this crisis!?

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Fierce Battle On the Golden Planet - Part 3 (黄金の惑星の激闘 後編 Kogane no Wakusei no Gekitō Kōhen)

Titas tells the others about one of his adventure on a golden planet.


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