Winter of Horror Series - the 20th Century Abominable Snowman (冬の怪奇シリーズ ・ 20世紀の雪男 Fuyu no Kaiki Shirizu - Niju Seiki no Yuki Otoko) is the thirty-ninth episode of Return of Ultraman. It is the first of the two episode story arc of Winter of Horror Series (冬の怪奇シリーズ Fuyu no Kaiki Shirizu).


Hideo Tsumura and Yoko Kataoka were a couple who's dedicated to the research of Yetis. When they finally found a figure that seemed to be a Yeti, Hideo went missing. While Go was asking Yoko about the incident, Hideo came back but had an extra-low body temperature. Hideo was possessed by Alien Varduck!


Main Cast

Guest Stars

  • Yoko Kataoka (片岡洋子, Kataoka Yoko'): Kaji Miwako (梶三和子, Miwako Kaji)(Episode 39): Kaji Miwako
  • Tsumura Hideo (津村秀男, Hideo Tsumura):Zhou Wada (和田周, Wada Zou)
  • Observatory officials (天文台係官, Tenmondai Kakarikan):Kazuhiko Kishino (岸野一彦, Kishino Kazuhiko)
  • Mother of Rumiko (ルミ子の母, Rumiko no Haha): Oga Kunie (織賀邦江, Kunie Oga)
  • Alien Varduck (バルダック星人, Barudakku Seijin):Isao Yatsu (谷津勲, Yatsu Isao)




Home Media

Return of Ultraman DVD Volume 10 Episodes 37-40.

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