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Winter of Horror Series - Ghost Story! Cry of The Abominable Snowman (冬の怪奇シリーズ - 怪談! 雪男の叫び Fuyu no Kaiki Shirīzu・Kaidan! Yukiotoko no Sakebi) is the forty-third episode of Ultraman Ace. It is the third, and last of the 3 Episode Arc Story Winter of Horror Series (冬の怪奇シリーズ Fuyu no Kaiki Shirizu) Ultraman Ace Version.


Seiji, Dan, and Kayoko are at a ski slope when a sudden blizzard blows in, trapping them inside a rundown shelter with the other skaters. One man claims to have spotted a yeti outside, and when the storm blows past and they go outside there are strange footprints. Seiji contacts TAC, but there's no sign of a terrible-monster in the area.






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Ultraman Ace Volume 11 features episodes 41-44.

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