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"That thing is definitely dangerous."


Windam is a transforming robot controlled by Moroboshi in the ULTRAMAN manga. It is the manga's counterpart to the capsule monster Windom.



Windam first appeared as a high-tech motorcycle being ridden by Moroboshi, who went to rescue Agent Adad from the Leo Brothers. Upon arriving, Moroboshi commanded the robot to reveal itself, whereupon it transformed into its combat form. Windom fired upon a charging Astra, incapacitating the assassin and angering his brother. When Moroboshi told the robot to evacuate any nearby civilians, Windom requested to stay and fight.


Powers and Weapons
  • Transformation: Windam can transform between its robot form and a functioning motorcycle.
  • Spacium Weapon: Windam carries a high-powered weapon powered by Spacium, which was capable of incapacitating Astra with a single shot.
  • Sensors: As revealed by Moroboshi, Windam has sensors that can detect things that most organics cannot. It was able to shoot down an incredibly fast-moving Astra with ease.


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