Who Am I? (わたしはだあれ? Watashi wa Daare) is the sixteenth episode of Ultraman Max.


From three meteorites have come monsters, sucking people's memories in electromagnetic ways. Even Max falls prey.


People and animals begin to suffer from memory loss, even forgetting their own names. Elly discovers that there are three causes moving towards each-other, which will meet by Base Titan. They began at the location of three meteorite crashes. Whatever landed was consuming electromagnetic waves and growing larger.

As they draw near Titan, Kaito begins to lose memory. The space cat Mike rises from the water. DASH attempts to deploy, but everyone forgets how to pilot the contraptions. Kaito tries to transform, but forgets how to. Under Elly's instruction, DASH mother makes it out of the, but the crew is incapable of anything more.

By sheer luck, Kaito manages to transform. Because the monsters only effects living creatures, Elly is unaffected. Max tries to attack, but has forgotten how to fight. Also out of sheer luck, Koba manages to hit Mike, who short-circuits the base and mother.

Kuro and Tama appear. They fire on Max, and Elly orders him to fly left. He does so, placing the base behind him. She tells him that his companions are behind him, and he needs to protect them. He comes up with a new attack and destroys the menace, while everyone regains their memory.


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DVD and USA Release

  • Ultraman Max Volume 5 features episodes 15-18.
  • Ultraman Max Complete Season.
  • The episode was premiered in American television on TOKU on March 8, 2017
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