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White Demon of Fear (白い悪魔の恐怖 Shiroi Akuma no Kyōfu) is the twenty-seventh episode of Ultraman 80.


A white fluid begins abducting people at night. What sort of alien is behind it?


People begin to be taken away by a mysterious white fluid at night, and Dr. Jouno, Emi's father, begins to investigate. He discovers that it is alien fluid based on clothes stains, and theorizes it arrived attached to a space-faring vessel. He, however, decides to consult Professor Aoyama, an expert in aliens.

UGM sets a curfew and begins patrolling. Emi's meter senses the monster and she investigates the home it comes from, to find the clothes of a family that had been dissolved while eating dinner. The foam rushes to attack her, but she calls Takeshi and he washes it away with a garden hose. They see a shadow go away as the foam vanishes.

Doctor Aoyama arrives, but one UGM member notices he covers his eyes when cameras flash. He tells them he believes it came from an Alien Argo, a race of aliens traveling in the universe in search of carbon dioxide. He says they are foam with no definite shape, hard to see, on the verge of evolution. He also tells them Argo aliens are peaceful, and unlikely to be behind vanishings. He believes they have come to earth due to carbon dioxide emissions from earth effecting some weird space-current alien-belt thing. He tells them there would be no way for humanity to win a war.

When Takeshi arrives, he remembers Argo aliens aren't peaceful as said, but does not say anything. Professor Jouno says he seems different from the old Aoyama. Then Takeshi sees a photo in which the professor's shadow is that of a monster. Later, he goes to the professor's lab, where he is greeted by a form of one of the victims and taken to the alien himself. The alien tells him he is using the professor's body, and then leaves it.

The professor tells him that the Argo possessed him on his way back to earth, and that it wants to use humanity like a henhouse. Just then, the Argo returns, and imprisons Takeshi in a barrier in which he cannot transform. He leaves, summoning huge amounts of foam, and takes a physical giant form. UGM attacks without Takeshi. They engage the alien, and do well against it, while Yamato struggles. He manages to break free.

Him and the alien battle. 80 is losing until he remembers Argo's aversion to light. Just as the monster is advancing on him, he generates a light, causing to back off. He then destroys it. End.


Guest Cast

  • Professor Kiyohiko Aoyama (青山清彦博士 Aoyama Kiyohiko hakase): Goro Mutsumi (睦 五朗 Moku Gorō)
  • Drunk: Hachiro Misumi (三角八郎 Misumi hachirō)




Home Media

80 Vol-7.jpg
  • Ultraman 80 Volume 7 features 25-28.
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