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When the Weed Whistle Blows in the Evening is the third episode of The☆Ultraman.


One day in Japan a city was suddenly attacked by a monster from the Tōgō Mountain called a Wanigodon that appeared seemingly for nowhere. The Science Guard Party was rushed in to dispose of the monster using missile launchers to no avail. Once The Science Guard Party arrived, Kei used a special bazooka to bring the monster down for good, quickly ending Wanigodon's rampage after several shots. However, it was theorized that there would be more members of Wanigodon's species which had Kei worry to the point of barely being able to sleep. That same evening a boy named Takashi found a baby Wanigodon near his house, proceeded to take care of the little monster, and named it Pero. The Next day, Kei found Takashi near a cove taking care of the ever growing Pero and told the boy that he would grow up to cause destruction much to Takashi not believing him. Moments later, Pero grew to full size with Choichiro turning into Ultraman Joneus within moments. At first it seemed as though Joneus had the upper hand until two other Wanigodon's appeared from the nearby caves to ambush him. Once Kei remembered how Pero was afraid of water, he yelled at Joneus to throw them into the ocean. Joneus did exactly this, throwing all three monsters into the water before finishing Pero off with the Planium Beam.


  • Choichiro Hikari (ヒカリ 超一郎 Hikari Chōichirō): Kei Tomiyama (富山 敬 Tomiyama Kei)
  • Tetsuo Akiyama (アキヤマ 徹男 Akiyama Tetsuo): Kinya Morikawa (森川 公也 Morikawa Kinya)
  • Mutsumi Hoshikawa (星川 ムツミ Hoshikawa Mutsumi): Sumi Shimamoto (島本 須美 Shimamoto Sumi)
  • Hiroaki Tobe (トベ 博明 Tobe Hiroaki): Masanari Nihei (二瓶 正也 Nihei Masanari)
  • Kei Marume (マルメ 敬 Marume Kei): Shingo Kanemoto (兼本 新吾 Kanemoto Shingo)




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