What is this Thumping Heart? (このときめきって、なに? Kono tokimeki tte, nani?) is the fourth episode of SSSS.DYNAZENON.


Yomogi catches a cold and goes to sleep. Gauma gets Yume to visit him. Yomogi is confused by Yume's sudden visit, but the relationship between the two slightly unravels. When Yume hears that a monster had appeared, she leaves Yomogi with his cold and heads for battle.

Voice Drama 4.4


It's a Bit Scary When You Talk Quickly (早口だとなんか怖い Hayakuchi dato nanka kowai)

Yomogi visits Yume, who caught his cold. While chatting, they somehow end up talking about strange breathing techniques that Yume and her mother practice, and that Dynawing was just in plain sight in Yume's room.




  • Dynazenon
    • Dynarex
      • Dynasoldier Wing Combine
        • Dynasoldier
        • Dynawing
      • Dynastriker
      • Dynadiver


Easter Eggs


  • Many frames are reused and edited from SSSS.GRIDMAN, including the bus that Yomogi rides, the Starbows cafe, the karaoke room that Yume and Mei visit, and some of the buildings near the railway.

Ultraman Series

  • Yomogi's room have signs reading "Route 87" and "GUARD GEO-999-X", which are references to the Ultraman episode Terror on Route 87, and the XIG Bermann's license plate respectively.
  • Sizumu mentioned that Kaiju were born from human emotions, a reference to the Minus Energy terminology in Ultraman 80.


  • Just as in SSSS.GRIDMAN episode 4, at the karaoke place, the video playing on the screen is the visual for the karaoke version of Die Hollen Polezei from Inferno Cop, which in turn is a reference to Ultraman.
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