What is a Traitor? (裏切り者って、なに? Uragiri mono tte, nani?) is the third episode of SSSS.DYNAZENON.


One of the Kaiju Eugenicists, Juuga, tells Yomogi that they were betrayed by Gauma. Yomogi and the others become distrustful of Gauma but they end up having to fight a Kaiju with their hearts in disarray. With their hearts separated, Dynazenon is unable to unleash its full power.

Voice Drama 3.3


A Space Souvenir (宇宙のお土産 Uchū no Odosan)

The Dynazenon pilots talk about places they have been to, and Koyomi gives Chise a "souvenir" from space: a lottery ticket left in his pocket.




  • Dynazenon
    • Dynarex
      • Dynasoldier Diver Combine
        • Dynasoldier
        • Dynadiver
      • Dynawing
      • Dynastriker


Easter Eggs

Gridman the Hyper Agent

  • The emote that appears on Yomogi's phone is taken from the AI sprite within the original Junk in Gridman the Hyper Agent.



Ultraman Series

  • Dynazenon's somersault is performed in reference to Ultraman Taro's Swallow Kick.[1]


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