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What is a Kaiju User? (怪獣使いって、なに? Kaijū tsukai tte, nani?) is the first episode of SSSS.DYNAZENON.


Yomogi Asanaka promised to meet his classmate Yume Minami after his part-time job. However, at the time, a mysterious man named Gauma, who claims to be a monster tamer appeared.

Voice Drama 1.1


Kashiwa-Guilty (カシワギルティ Kashiwagiruti)

Yomogi's friends come up with an inside joke that he completely misses due to having gone to work the day before.


  • Gauma (ガウマ): Daiki Hamano (濱野大輝 Hamano Daiki)
  • Yomogi Asanaka (麻中 蓬 Asanaka Yomogi): Junya Enoki (榎木淳弥 Enoki Junya)
  • Yume Minami (南 夢芽 Minami Yume): Shion Wakayama (若山詩音 Wakayama Shion)
  • Koyomi Yamanaka (山中 暦 Yamanaka Koyomi): Yuuichiro Umehara (梅原裕一郎 Umehara Yūichirō)
  • Chise Asukagawa (飛鳥川ちせ Awukagawa Chise): Chika Anzai (安済知佳 Anzai Chika)
  • Inamoto (稲本さん Inamoto-san): Mariya Ise (伊瀬茉莉也 Ise Mariya)
  • Mei (鳴衣): Azusa Tadokoro (田所あずさ Tadokoro Asuza)
  • Awaki (淡木): Jin Ogasawara (小笠原仁 Ogasawara Jin)
  • Nazumi (なずみ): Gakuto Kajiwara (梶原岳人 Kajiwara Gakuto)
  • Ranka (らんか): Rio Tsuchiya (土屋李央 Tsuchiya Rio)
  • Kaneishi (金石): Hikaru Tono (遠野ひかる Tōno Hikaru)




Easter Eggs

Denkou Choujin Gridman

  • Yomogi gives Gauma a Special Dog (a type of hot dog). This food appeared in episode 3 of the original series and was Ippei's inspiration for designing Barrier Shield.
  • Before explaining to Yomogi that Yume stood him up, Gauma explained that love and keeping promises are another important things in life. This is a reference to the original Chinese mummy in Gridman (who is Gauma's character inspiration) falling in love with a princess and promised to fight for her country in exchange for their marriage, yet he was betrayed by his lover's family members.



  • The scene showing the corridor to Yomogi and Yume's classroom is reused and edited from SSSS.GRIDMAN.

Ultraman Series


  • The bird-like lucky charm that Riko Saida gives to Kazuki Komon appears in the room where Yume goes to get a book.

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