What Is This Wavering Emotion? (揺れ動く気持ちって、なに? Yureugoku imi tte, nani?) is the eighth episode of SSSS.DYNAZENON.


A Kaiju spreads confusion throughout the city. Gauma and the others make their first attempt to capture a Kaiju.

Voice Drama 8.8


Just Saying the Facts (事実を言ったまで Jijitsu o Itta made)

The 2nd meets up with Knight and Yomogi while they look for the escaped Kaiju. Yomogi asks about the relationship between the two of them but is unable to get a satisfying answer and frequently gets his arm hurt by Knight.






Easter Eggs


Ultraman Series

  • The Kaiju Eugenicists watch a movie called Tarabaman: First Generation (TARABAMANタラバマン ファーストジェネレーション Tarabaman Fāsuto Jenerēshon). Tarabaman is a fictional movie within several Ultraman Series entries, including Ultraman Dyna episode 20 and Ultraman Gaia episodes 38 and 47. It also appeared in Kaiju Booska 1999.
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