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What Are These Overlapping Emotions? (重なる気持ちって、なに? Kasanaru kimochi tte, nani?) is the ninth episode of SSSS.DYNAZENON.


Yomogi and Yume hear about how Kano died. A Kaiju suddenly appears without them being able to take in the story. Meanwhile, Chise holds onto a secret.

Voice Drama 9.9


A Good Senior (イイ先輩 Ii Senpai)

Once again, Inamoto starts to tease Yomogi about his supposed love life while talking about her own life experiences, saying how the newer generation of youths have turned out a bit different.




  • Dynazenon
    • Dynasoldier Wing Combine
      • Dynasoldier
        • Dynamic Cannon
      • Dynawing
    • Dynastriker
    • Dynadiver



Easter Eggs


  • There are several parallels to SSSS.GRIDMAN, such as:
    • The way Gridknight dashes around the Kaiju mirrors his actions in his first fight with Gridman in episode 3.
    • The panning shot with Chise approaching Yume on the top of the floodgate - Rikka Takarada and Akane Shinjo had a similar moment in the penultimate episode, with the same cinematography and positioning.
    • Dynazenon pulling Gridknight out of the ground - Anti pulled Akane out of Zegga in the final episode.
    • Just before the Kaiser Gridknight combination sequence, Gridknight says the same thing as Gridman when he first combine into Full Powered Gridman in episode 8.
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