What's up with Takkong? (タッコングは謎だ Takkongu wa Nazo da) is the twenty-second episode of Ultraman Taiga.


Takkong rises from the sea and goes into the city, waiting to seal away an old foe who will return to destroy humanity. A mysterious boy approaches Hiroyuki, asking him to use his powers to help Takkong.


Father and mother eating takoyaki that a mysterious boy, Shinji, seeing them. Suddenly, the Oil Monster, Takkong, emerged out of the ocean, much to Shinji seeing.

Homare and Kana play chess that Hiroyuki and Kana watch them playing. They saw Takkong at the coast of Setahara Bay before Hiroyuki left but "You're still going?!" they asked. He transforms into Taiga to defeat Takkong. It anchored itself down to the ground, refusing to battle the hero. Titas summoned to pull up Takkong, but it spat out an oil stream which the wise man slipped on and the kaiju went invisible. Fuma came out to track it with his Ultra Sonar, but it put itself down again, making it so it could not be harmed. Eventually, Tri-Squad's time ran out and they reverted to Hiroyuki, allowing Takkong to continue further in the city.

He went back to the HQ, that the members check the TV about Takkong fed on some oil before going to sleep, a bubble forming from its nose. The next day, Shinji came to the surface seeking Hiroyuki and Tri-Squad's helping aiding Takkong seal away the other kaiju.

They sat on an edge of the garden at the park, a boy tells the member that land is polluted. So, they run to the park that the Ferocious Monster, Giestron, appeared but Shinji woke Takkong up. The two kaijus proceeded to fight each other, but Takkong was overwhelmed and beaten. Giestron then began to control the Earth's electromagnetic energy, trying to cause much of the planet's magma to seep to the surface and end the world. Taiga appeared and used his Hand Beam to interrupt the kaiju, engaging it in a fight. In his normal form, he barely did anything and got pushed away like Takkong. Giestron tried to attack him with an energy boomerang which was then blocked by Takkong. Taiga checked to see if the monster was okay before fusing into Tri-Strium. The guardians of humanity then teamed up against the beast, both assaulting Giestron from different directions. Takkong spun around rapidly and surrounded itself in fire before ramming into the monster, dealing serious damage and allowing Taiga to come in with Taiga Blast Attack, destroying Giestron and likely ending its threat for a long time to come. Taiga and Takkong then gave each other a high-five as celebration. Takkong left for the ocean in the sunset as Hiroyuki and Shinji watched it, saying that Giestron may return someday if humans are not willing to change their ways and would one day rise again and that the sea incarnation would rest until then. Shinji told Takkong to sleep peacefully before strangely disappearing into bubbles Hiroyuki looked around confused before seeing the young boy on Takkong's back. They both waved goodbye, Shinji's hands turning to tentacles as they descended back into the blue waters. Meanwhile, the comet still coming to the Solar System.

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Wind and Flowers - Part 2 (風と花 後編 Kaze to Hana Kōhen)

Fuma tells the others about an adventure he once had, where he encountered someone who inspired him to call himself the Champion of Wind.


Voice Actors

Guest Cast

  • Shinji (シンジ Shinji): Ayumu Yokoyama (横山 歩 Yokoyama Ayumu)

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  • The music that plays when Takkong and Taiga team up against Giestron is taken directly from Return of Ultraman, as a tribute to the series and the episode Takkong debuted in.
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