What's up with Takkong? (タッコングは謎だ Takkongu wa Nazo da) is the twenty-second episode of Ultraman Taiga.


Takkong rises from the sea and goes into the city, waiting to seal away an old foe who will return to destroy humanity. A mysterious boy approaches Hiroyuki, asking him to use his powers to help Takkong.


A mysterious boy suddenly appears in front of Hiroyuki. The boy predicts the appearance of a monster, and as the word suggests, Takkong appears from the sea floor, and Giestron emerges from the ground to respond to it! The boy came to ask Hiroyuki and Taiga to kill the monster to end the crisis on Earth. Can Hiroyuki and Taiga stop the Earth's crisis as the boy wishes?

Tri-Squad VoiceDrama


Wind and Flowers - Part 2 (風と花 後編 Kaze to Hana Kōhen)

Fuma tells the others about an adventure he once had, where he encountered someone who inspired him to call himself the Champion of Wind.


Voice Actors

Guest Cast

  • Shinji (シンジ Shinji): Ayumu Yokoyama (横山 歩 Yokoyama Ayumu)

Suit Actors





  • The music that plays when Takkong and Taiga team up against Giestron is taken directly from Return of Ultraman, as a tribute to the series and the episode Takkong debuted in.
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