What's Your Reason For Fighting? (戦う理由って、なに? Tatakau riyū tte, nani?) is the second episode of SSSS.DYNAZENON.


Yomogi and Yume visit the city where they fought the Kaiju and witness the tragedy. Yomogi and the others start their Dynazenon maneuver training, but a Kaiju appears again without any delay.

Voice Drama 2.2


Growing Up in a Kind Household (優しい家で育ったから Yasashī ie de Sodattakara)

Yomogi and Gauma talk about Yomogi's family and why he wants to be independent.




  • Dynazenon
    • Dynarex
      • Dynasoldier Wing Combine
        • Dynasoldier
        • Dynawing
      • Dynastriker
      • Dynadiver


Easter Eggs


  • The scenes at the train station and platform are reused and edited from SSSS.GRIDMAN.

Ultraman Series


  • The cup of instant noodle that appears in the opening is the same as the one eaten by Riku Asakura in episode 7 of Ultraman Z.
  • Hands plays in the background when Koyomi and Chise have a conversation in their room.
  • There is a boat called the Hoshikirimaru (星斬丸lit. "Star Slash Circle"), which is the name of Zamsher's sword.

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