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What's Our Reason for Coming Together? (集まった意味って、なに? Atsumatta imi tte, nani?) is the seventh episode of SSSS.DYNAZENON.


Dynazenon is defeated by the Kaiju. A mysterious giant that appears. Despite the confusion, Onija and Mujina begin to fight the giant. Gauma has no way to repair the damaged Dynazenon.

Voice Drama 7.7


Don't Make Me Worry (心配かけないで Shinpai Kakenaide)

Yume gives Mei a phone call telling her that she told her parents that she was going to stay at Mei's house and asks her to go along with it. Mei gets worried that Yume might be going out with someone.




  • Dynazenon
    • Dynarex
    • Dynasoldier Wing Combine
      • Dynasoldier
      • Dynawing
    • Dynastriker
    • Dynadiver



Easter Eggs

Denkou Choujin Gridman

  • The way the Second heals Gridman is the same as the Compoid Unison's way of healing Anosillus.

Ultraman Series

  • In a flashback, Yume and Kano hug a Deban mascot.
  • Dynazenon flips onto Bullbind's midsection to attack its head, which is what Ultraman Ace did to Jumbo King, who had a similar build.
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